Follow Friday: @BostonOnBudget & @alexisgrant

by Jess Faulk

This week I wanted to share with you two women that I have recently found on the internet who I think are amazing.  They are not only smart and resourceful women, but they are committed to sharing what they know with everyone else in the world.  Their entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring and I am amazed by what they accomplished once they put their mind to it.

@alexisgrant describes herself as “entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist, with a focus on careers and the workplace.”  I found her website when I was searching the web to help a friend try to figure out how much she should charge for her time as a freelance social media and newsletter editor.  It’s hard to know how much your time is worth and what the ‘right’ amount is to charge to make sure you are valued and still be reasonable.  As women, I think it is particularly hard for many of us to name our value, which is why so few of us ask for raises.  Alexis Grant’s site focuses on helping people live the life they want to live by giving career advice, and sharing an amazing amount of resources.   I was particularly impressed with her page on “Awesome Resources for Building a Business, Blog, or Brand

@BostonOnBudget was started by Kate in the summer of 2012 as a way to share with others cheap or free things to do around the city.  Her website is so extensive that it had everything from college discounts to what do do that is free this weekend.  She has clearly taken a hobby to the next level to help so many others.  If you live in or around Boston you should DEFINITELY follow Kate!

I hope you find these women as inspirational as I did!


Follow Friday: @BostonOnBudget & @alexisgrant

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