Highlight a Woman: Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle

by Jess Faulk

There are great women out in the world doing great things.  Powerful women, inspiring women, and influential women.  Yet sometimes there are so many loud male voices it is hard to hear the voices of women, especially in fields where we are outnumbered – such as technology.  Women tend to contribute, to add value, and play support roles.  There is nothing wrong with that, support is important, but without female leaders, it is harder for women to see the value they bring into a space.  We need leaders, women that are willing to be in the front of the room, pulling together other women, and creating spaces to gain confidence.

I was recently watching Ed Cabellon’s Student Affairs Live broadcast on the #SATech Unconferences being created all over the country.  One of Ed’s guest, Jennielle Strother, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Seminary of the Southwest, spoke about creating a #satechTX focusing on Women in Technology.  I was impressed with Jennielle Strother to take the new (and spreading) #SATech concept, and make it unique by adding this focal area.

One of the reasons I blog for SA Women Talk Tech is because I feel like it is important for us to add female perspectives into the world of technology.  It shows other women that they also can be techie people, and it shows the world it is not a field solely dominated by women.  I am so excited by the fact that #satechTX created a space for that understanding and appreciation.  Jennielle and Michelle Lopez (@chellelopez)’s #SATech conference also shared the inspirational voices of Teri Bump (@tbump), Vice President of University Relations/Student Development at American Campus Communities and Dr. Gage E. Paine (@GagePaine), first female Vice President of Student Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. They created an important space for connection, learning, and creation.

From her bio: Jennielle Strother oversees recruitment, admissions, social media, and financial aid at the   Seminary of the Southwest, in Austin, TX.  She created a weekly twitter chat, #EMchat (Enrollment Management chat) and the #EMchat blog, so that higher education enrollment professionals have the platform to connect and share ideas about the enrollment management industry.

Check out what Jennielle is up to online by following her on one of her channels:

Thanks Jennielle for being an awesome woman in tech!

Highlight a Woman: Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle

One thought on “Highlight a Woman: Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle

  1. Jennielle Strother says:


    Wow. Thank you so much for the post. I was honored to be asked to host the Texas edition of the Student Affairs Tech Unconference by Ed Cabellon. The “Women in Tech” theme was embraced by everyone in the higher ed community and the event was a tremendous success!

    Thank YOU, Jess, for your commitment to excellence in higher education and for your role in adding the female perspective in the world of technology by blogging for SA Women Talk Tech. You are amazing.



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