Follow Friday: Inspiration

by Kristen Abell

Are you seeking inspiration? In your work or in your life? If so, I have a couple people that you absolutely must follow – whether on Twitter or through their blogs.

Lisa Endersby – Lisa is a purveyor of awesome – whether it’s giving folks virtual high fives or her two cents (Canadian), Lisa is full of incredible ideas and inspiration. If you haven’t had the chance yet to watch her TED talk, please stop reading RIGHT NOW and go check it out. Seriously. Okay, done now? Now we can move on.

One of Lisa’s greatest strengths is not just her teaching, but in her ability to infect those around her with awesomeness. She is not just the star athlete, but the head cheerleader, too, and she will make sure that you know that you absolutely can do it – whatever “it” is. To tap into a little of this inspiration, go follow her on Twitter (if you aren’t already) or go check out her blog. Then come back and thank me later.

Amma Marfo – If Lisa is a purveyor of awesome, Amma is an introvert advocate – but she’s also an incredible writer. Consistently creating quality content (say that five times fast) on her blog and through her Twitter account, Amma makes all of us think a little bit more about how we work, how we interact with others, what we could do with our talents. If you’re reading her blog, you’ll know she’s also putting her talent to work at writing a book, and from time to time, she’ll ask for her readers’ input. So come on – go read Amma’s blog and give her some inspiration back – she deserves it.

Who do you follow for inspiration?

Follow Friday: Inspiration

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