Highlight an App: Songza

by Valerie Heruska

<heads-up friends> Download the free music App called "Songza". It's like @Pandora, but instead of picking an artist, you choose the "mood" of music you want to hear (which the options change based on the time of day and weekday you open the App). Super s

Songza is better than Pandora.

Songza and Pandora are two music players that stream music right through your computer or mobile device. They’re both pretty similar: both play music based on a specific artist or genre and both have a limited number of skips (6/hour). Pandora has a free version and a paid version. As many of us know, the free version of pandora has commercials, whereas the paid version does not. Songza is free and there are no commercials.

Songza is what I use from doing work in the office (Divas sing-a-long) or running (Pop remixes). They have funny stations such as “music for saving the world” or , one of my personal favorites, “Jersey Diner” where there is lot of Bruce and Bon Jovi (hooray). Members can put together playlists or go in search of their favorite songs. It’s pretty much the hot new music app. For free. Songza also introduced me to new music, as they have a lot of different indie stations.

I know Pandora has a cult-like following, but you should check out Songza. It’s really user friendly and their most recent update made the layout look really nice and easy to use. Just remember, when you’re in the car on a really long drive and you need some music without commercial interruption, think of the wonders the Justin Timberlake station makes.

Highlight an App: Songza

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