Leading With Technology: Can We Afford Not To?

By Anitra Cottledge and Brenda Bethman

At the 2012 National Women’s Studies Association conference, at a session entitled “Reclaiming Our Staff: Structures, Competencies and Feminist Practices” (which Anitra co-presented and Brenda attended), we discussed competencies for women’s center staff. Brenda suggested that we include technological literacy and marketing/communications in that list of competencies.

Of course, to say that technology is an area that women’s center staff (and beyond that, staff and faculty in student affairs, and in higher education, in general) should have some knowledge of and even develop leadership in, raises some questions: what exactly does that knowledge consist of? How do we add the use of technology to already-full days? How do we, as leaders, find the time to role model the feminist use of technology? How do we provide services both online and F2F with shrinking budgets and staffs?

The two of us will address these questions, but considering the potential length of the response to each question, we will do this in a series of posts. This first post introduces the series. Our next post will provide an answer to our first question: “What constitutes ‘knowledge’ of technology?” To help us get there, we want to hear from you! Please let us know in the comments what you think someone needs to know in order to claim “knowledge of technology.” We’ll synthesize those along with our own thoughts and previous work on this question for our next post.

Leading With Technology: Can We Afford Not To?

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