New Quarter, New Schedule

by Kristen Abell

As many of us start a new academic year at our institutions, we here at Student Affairs Women Talk tech are starting a new quarter of blogging. Believe it or not, we are getting ready to start our third year of blogging in September of this year. And with this new quarter and new year comes a new schedule. We like to keep things funky fresh here.

So for the next few months, you’ll be seeing some of your favorite bloggers write about whatever they choose, as well as our highlight posts (best practices, highlight an app, and highlight a woman in technology and student affairs) and the occasional Follow Friday post thrown in for good measure. We’ve also reached out to some of our favorite women in tech to see if they’d be interested in guest posting on here, so we hope to feature a few of them, as well. If you have an idea for a guest post, feel free to contact me ( and let me know about it – we’d love to feature you on our blog!

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading about the world of student affairs and tech through our blog. Best of luck to all with the beginning of the school year, and we look forward to blogging for you!


New Quarter, New Schedule

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