Blogger’s Choice: Embedding video into keynote

by Valerie Heruska

I just finished three 50-minute presentations to the Resident Assistants at Boston University. My presentation was on Digital Identity and Social Media and how they can build the community both offline and online. I think the presentation went really well and a lot of them asked me how long it took for me to put together. I answered them and told them that it took me a few hours. Truth be told, every presentation I put together takes time and planning, and this one was no different. It was about 30 slides and included embedding videos into keynote.

Full disclosure, I had no idea how to embed videos into keynote. I was searching all over the place and I wasn’t comfortable downloading anything shady off the internet – I’m still suffering from PTSD from the time I downloaded a game key and it was an actual virus and it made my computer shut down- but I digress. I found a nifty website (not sure if it’s legal) called Clip Converter, which will convert video from YouTube into a .mov format for you to use in Keynote. It was super easy to use and so easy once the files were converted.

So hopefully, you find this useful! If you know of another way to embed video into keynote, please leave a comment!

Blogger’s Choice: Embedding video into keynote

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