Follow Friday – the “Silent” Tweeters

by Valerie Heruska

There was an interesting conversation via the Twittersphere the other day. @StacyLOliver started by asking the question:


Of course I responded by saying that some of the best voices aren’t even on Twitter because they’re too busy doing stuff. I agree with Stacy, being that there are times I constantly see the same people’s “voices” on my feed and wonder if they even work during day, but that’s another blogpost. I digress.

But there are people on Twitter who I think carry more validity than those who are the loudest or who have the most followers/fans. Here are just a few:

@DeanWenner : Dean Annamaria Wenner from Wentworth Institute of Technology is a fabulous example of how a dean connects with her students. I find her tweets to be fun and very student focused. I think if anyone is thinking  – but she’s a dean and she is so far up the admin chain, how does she have time for students? – be sure to follow her because she always makes time for her students. Her thoughts of the day are fantastic too!

@JasminePClay  I love to follow Jasmine because she is always tweeting out motivational and inspiring things. If I’m ever having a bad day, I know I can count of Jasmine to make my day better with a little word love. Some examples of her tweets: “It isn’t motivation that creates success, but habit and action.” or  “Compassion can encourage efforts toward global justice and social change.” Thank you Jasmine for making my day a little brighter!

@ShineyJames Similar to Jasmine, Shiney is just a fantastic person who makes my life a little better. Shiney works at BU with me and she is one of the most fantastic women who work here. She;s our director of orientation and does a fantastic job of welcoming the new Terriers.  Some of her tweets that make my day ” Challenging the folks who settle to discover the errors in their ways is something I am always willing to do.” and “If we live only for our individual goals or only for the community, we live a short life. Finding the balance between the two gives us joy.” Thank you Shiney!


Follow Friday – the “Silent” Tweeters

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