Follow Friday: East Coast Edition

By Kathryn Magura

It’s my favorite day of the week, Friday! Not only does the culmination of busy week come to an end, it’s Follow Friday day on the blog! I love this blog series because it gives our blogging community an opportunity to highlight some people or places to follow (in a non creepy way, I promise).

I’m excited to present what I’m referring to as an East Coast Edition of the Follow Friday series, because I am choosing to highlight two women I admire who happen to reside on the east coast. And they say east and west coasts can’t get along!

  1. Cindy Kane: Cindy is the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. I first “met” Cindy soon after I found the #sachat community on Twitter, and instantly knew that this smart and witty woman was incredibly kind and authentic. Cindy is known for adding wonderful insights into conversations, and is especially adept at discussing the intricacies of the Strengths Finder assessment. Cindy and I frequently commiserate about our shared Individualization strength, and how exhausting it can be. As a bonus, Cindy is the proud mother of the most hilarious red haired kid I know on Twitter: Little Red Said.
  2. Sue Caulfield: One of the things I love about social media is how you can get connected to people you may never meet otherwise, yet are grateful for the opportunity that brought you together. Sue is a recent connection, and someone who quite simply is a joy to know. Sue is caring, compassionate, and quick to advocate for her fellow introverts. Sue and I share a number of nerdy tendencies, which is something I really appreciate. Something that truly inspires me about Sue is her artistic talent. If you haven’t checked out the myriad “suedles” on her website, I would encourage you to look through them. Simply amazing and inspiring!

Check out these two outstanding women on Twitter!

Follow Friday: East Coast Edition

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