Follow Friday: Personality Edition

by Kristen Abell

What the heck does “personality edition” mean? Well, it was the best way I could think to describe the following collection of folks who tweet and blog about introversion and extroversion or MBTI information.

First up is the fabulous Amma Marfo, who you may have heard just published a book on introversion in student affairs. She’s pretty awesome like that. Amma has been tweeting and blogging about introversion and extroversion – both in student affairs and beyond – for quite some time now. She’s a fab follow if you ask me.

Next up is Chris Conzen – who I also recommend following for his general content curation skillz. If there’s an article about introversion – especially in the workplace – he will have tweeted it, Facebooked it, and/or posted it on Google+ or LinkedIn. He even has the occasional witty quip to add to his posts. He also blogs, and I’d highly recommend giving his thoughts a read.

If you’re following Amma and/or Chris, chances are you’re already following the artistic Sue Caulfield. Sue also tends to post about introversion, and even better, her posts tend to be illustrated. She is also the awesome illustrator of Amma’s book, so how can you not want to follow her? Seriously, check her out – I promise you’ll thank me.

If we’re talking introversion/extroversion and MBTI, there’s no better follow than Lisa Endersby. Not only is she one of my favoritest extroverts, she posts some quality info pertaining to the MBTI and has posted some especially great content about the interplay of introversion and extroversion. She’s awesome like that.

Finally, no mention of the MBTI in student affairs would be complete without mentioning Debra Sanborn, who shares not only her own research on this topic but also the most current research of others in the field. It’s good stuff, people.

Who do you recommend following for info about personality in student affairs?

Follow Friday: Personality Edition

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