Follow Friday: A Few Twitter Higher Ed. Shout Outs

By Kathryn Magura

Hello everyone! Before I get to my list for “Follow Friday,” I wanted to congratulate you on making it through another week. If you live in the U.S., why don’t you go ahead and take Monday off? Don’t say I never gave you anything. 😉

As I sat down to put this “Follow Friday” post together, I was initially stuck in trying to figure out who/what to post. Then, in a moment of sheer dumbstruck inspiration, I looked through my list of people I consider “friends” in a Tweetdeck feed, and was immediately inspired. I decided to shine the spotlight onto 3 people I consider friends who don’t usually seek out the spotlight for themselves:

  1. Kate McGartland: Kate is one of my favorite Canadians ever, and is quite proud of her Canadian roots. I first got to know Kate through our ACUHO-I experiences, but what started as a friendly acquaintance soon became a strong friendship. Kate can be found tweeting about everything from Canadian sports to higher education to pop culture. When I get caught up on my feed throughout the day, I typically find myself reflecting on a question Kate posted; one that will usually make me a better higher education professional.
  2. Erica Thompson: Erica is also another higher education all-star whom I have the pleasure of calling a friend in real life. Erica is a staunch advocate for social justice, and is also someone who champions other professionals. Erica is a talented photographer, runner, and can often be found posting about living a happier and healthier life. Furthermore, if you like big dogs, you will love how often Erica’s great dane Laney makes an appearance in her feed.
  3. Chris Stone-Sewalish: I actually met Chris about 8 years ago when he was interviewing on my campus for a graduate school position. Fast forward to the fall of 2013, and I’m at the ACUHO-I Business Operations Conference being asked to give a high-five to Chris from a mutual friend, Clare Cady. Always one to oblige a reasonable request, the following ensued:

Tweet from Kathryn Magura

Since that conference, Chris and I have gotten to bond over operational issues in on-campus housing. Chris makes me think and laugh, which is a welcome conversation. Furthermore, Chris and I are hoping to present together at the next ACUHO-I Business Operations Conference, which is fitting considering how we first really got to know each other.

If you don’t already follow these three on Twitter, what are you waiting for?

Follow Friday: A Few Twitter Higher Ed. Shout Outs

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