By Valerie Heruska

I often try to stay disconnected from social media on the weekends, particularly those with the extra day, just so I can enjoy time away from the online world. This weekend was no different, but on Sunday morning, I read about the unfortunate event that took place outside the University of California Santa Barbara.

As my CNN notifications popped up on my iPhone throughout the day, I didn’t fully grasp the impact that this killing rampage had on people until I read the #yesallwomen hashtag and the story behind how this happened.

Once I was done hanging out with my friends on Memorial Day, I sat down and read the #yesallwomen stream. For me, reading about all the women and men who shared their thoughts on Twitter, was simply amazing. I appreciated the activism and a place where people came together to fight the bitter and hateful words of  Elliot Rodger. While none of us can undo what Elliot did, I am happy that we can show our solidarity and hopefully put an end to rape and harassment and advocate for our rights as women.

What are your thoughts on the #yesallwomen hashtag?



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