#FF: A Jersey Girl and a Jet Blue aficionado

By Valerie Heruska

For my #FF post, I want to give a fabulous shout out to two individuals who, over the past few months have survived my twitter and FB purges (I kid, I kid… but really). Actually these two individuals have been ligthing up my social media with their amazingness and so they are long overdue for a #FF. So, without further adieu, my #FF is dedicated to Courtney  O’Connell and Paul G. Brown.


I first met Courtney at the past ACPA Convention. She is an awesome person in real life and her tweets/FB posts/linkedIN posts are very useful for student affairs professionals. Courtney has the unique opportunity of working with Erik Qualman on some amazing things. I find her posts to be engaging and inspiring and yes, she’s had some “oh sh*t” moments, but haven’t we all? Be sure to watch her Pecha Kucha talk from ACPA… it’s awesome and she is a really great speaker!


Paul Brown has been hitting home runs with his recent blog posts. I love that Paul talks my reslife/LLC language and has some wonderful posts about the residential curriculum. His posts always lighten my mood, whether they are about his love affairs with jet blue, or his hilarious Tim Gunn memes/ emjoi post about #reslifethings. Paul brings a very insightful prospective into our student affairs world and I appreciate the knowledge he is constantly dropping in our community.

#FF: A Jersey Girl and a Jet Blue aficionado

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