Book Review – Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best Practices by Tanya Joosten

By Jennifer Keegin

I was drawn to this book based on the title and was interested to see what strategies and best practices would be listed.

The author, Tanya Joosten, studies communication technology and has held numerous editorial and advisory council positions. She has taught online courses and as well as “blended” courses while managing campus emerging technology projects.

The first chapters are “Why Social Media?” and “Preparing to Use Social Media?” and are pretty much what you imagine they would be about – trying to convince educators that connecting via social media is important with some stats to back up the concept.

“Social Media can have a positive impact on education professionals through the development of a network of colleagues, building of community, and engagement of its membership.”

It explains Twitter and hashtags, and the need for authenticity.

Pedagogical Needs:
1. Increasing communication and contact
2. Engaging students through rich, current media
3. Gathering and providing feedback
4. Creating cooperative and collaborative learning opportunities
5. Providing experiential learning opportunities

Part Two is called “Social Media: What Do We Do With It?” and the answers are Increased communication and contact with students, developing a richer learning environment, and building cooperation and feedback.

I myself did not gain much from this book because it was basically preaching to the choir, but it was a handy reference for anyone who is trying to justify just how important social media is in order to communicate better with students – meeting them where there are if you will – and how it takes time and money to do it properly.

Book Review – Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best Practices by Tanya Joosten

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