Every Student Affairs Hero Needs a Sidekick

by @jessmsamuels

Yes, the academic year is wrapping up, but as you know, important emails go year round.  In some ways, email is a fantastic invention.  It allows us to work asynchronously with our colleagues, replying when we have the time between meetings, and communicating with several people simultaneously.  Email however can also be very frustrating.  Not only for the sheer volume of it, but because you send email out into the ether and sometimes never receive a response.  You don’t know whether your colleagues or students have opened it, or clicked on a link.  You just have to take it on faith that your emails are being read.  No more!

Let me introduce you to your own email Sidekick.  Sidekick (by HubSpot) is a browser plug-in that can be used with Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail.

Sidekick allows you to:

  1. Track emails and clicks
  2. See profiles for the people you are emailing
  3. Schedule emails for later (coming soon)

Here is how it works –

  1. Track emails

    Sidekick does this by embedding a small invisible image in each of your emails.  When someone opens your email you will be able to see a pop up window next to each email when it was opened and if any links were clicked.  Be aware however that when you send the email to multiple people at once it only tells you that “someone” opened it but not who specifically.

Sidekick email example

  1.   See profiles for the people you are emailing

    Want to know a little more about the person you are emailing?  Sidekick pulls in twitter feed, mutual contacts, prior emails and more.  All you do is put in the person’s email address and the information will pop up on the right hand side.  If you are sending to multiple people you hover over each name for it to show up.

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Every Student Affairs Hero Needs a Sidekick