SAWTT: Call out for women-identifed writers!

by Niki Messmore and Kathryn Magura

According a 2015 report by the American Association of University Women (AAUW), the percentage of computing and engineering jobs held by women have been falling over the last 23 years – and an even greater disparity for women of color. “Stereotypes and bias” are the two leading causes of fewer women working in these fields. No matter how many strides women make in technology, there is always more work to do.

“Student Affairs Women Talk Tech” (SAWTT) was created in October 2015 by Kristen Abell and Brenda Bethman as a result of seeing few student affairs technology and social media blogs written by women. Here we are, five years later, and there’s been an increase of women-led blogs on technology! The field of student affairs is fortunate to have women-identifed leaders invest in the field as writers to share their research, perspectives, and best practices.

It is necessary to continue this momentum. “Student Affairs Women Talk Tech” is a blog dedicated to serving as a forum for women-identified persons in student affairs with an interest in technology. Writers work in a variety of fields that may not necessarily include directly focusing on technology, but they nonetheless have a passion for technology. We focus on showcasing the women who are doing things with technology in the field of student affairs, and talking about some of the unique issues that face women (and their intersecting identities) as we break into a formerly male-dominated area.

Interested in writing? We have a call-out for SAWTT bloggers for the 2015-2016 academic year! Whether you are interested in submitting one blog post or serving as a reoccurring writer, we invite you to register online by the deadline of Wednesday, October 28th.

Questions? Feel free to contact the SAWTT co-editors Kathryn Magura and Niki Messmore on Twitter via our handles @Kmagura and @NikiMessmore!

SAWTT: Call out for women-identifed writers!

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