Follow Friday: Personality Edition

by Kristen Abell

What the heck does “personality edition” mean? Well, it was the best way I could think to describe the following collection of folks who tweet and blog about introversion and extroversion or MBTI information.

First up is the fabulous Amma Marfo, who you may have heard just published a book on introversion in student affairs. She’s pretty awesome like that. Amma has been tweeting and blogging about introversion and extroversion – both in student affairs and beyond – for quite some time now. She’s a fab follow if you ask me.

Next up is Chris Conzen – who I also recommend following for his general content curation skillz. If there’s an article about introversion – especially in the workplace – he will have tweeted it, Facebooked it, and/or posted it on Google+ or LinkedIn. He even has the occasional witty quip to add to his posts. He also blogs, and I’d highly recommend giving his thoughts a read.

If you’re following Amma and/or Chris, chances are you’re already following the artistic Sue Caulfield. Sue also tends to post about introversion, and even better, her posts tend to be illustrated. She is also the awesome illustrator of Amma’s book, so how can you not want to follow her? Seriously, check her out – I promise you’ll thank me.

If we’re talking introversion/extroversion and MBTI, there’s no better follow than Lisa Endersby. Not only is she one of my favoritest extroverts, she posts some quality info pertaining to the MBTI and has posted some especially great content about the interplay of introversion and extroversion. She’s awesome like that.

Finally, no mention of the MBTI in student affairs would be complete without mentioning Debra Sanborn, who shares not only her own research on this topic but also the most current research of others in the field. It’s good stuff, people.

Who do you recommend following for info about personality in student affairs?

Follow Friday: Personality Edition

LGBT Movement and #Sochi2014 – follow the conversation

sochiprideby Jess Samuels

You have to be living in a cave to not know that the Sochi Olympics are coming up in just a few weeks. Commercials, ads, and news programs are all creating buzz around the important international sporting event.  As much in the spotlight as the sports themselves has been the comments of conservative Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the strict anti-gay laws enacted by the government.

Traditional media channels are only one way to stay up to date with the protests of Russia’s anti-gay legislation. Social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter are ‘going for the gold’ with coverage of the politics around the games and their activist activity.  LGBT organizers are using social media to not only protest the treatment of gay athletes, Russians, and visitors, but calling out major sponsors of the Olympic games. One amazing example is the social media take over of #CheersToSochi on Twitter.  As reported by GLAAD, the hashtag was originated by Olympic sponsor McDonald’s, to create positive chatter about the games.  Instead, LGBT advocates have taken over the hashtag to report on Russia’s anti “gay-propaganda” laws and the culture of LGBT-target violence created by Russia’s stance. Similarly, LGBT advocates have recreated a 1970’s Coke ad intertwining images from the original video “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”, with images of Russian government protests.  This video adds to the strong online criticism of Coca-Cola for sponsoring the Sochi Olympics.     

This shows once again that no one controls social media, and that well organized activists can create a movement with the many free tech tools available to them.

Want to stay up to date with what is happening regarding LGBT advocacy at #Sochi2014? Check out the following twitter hashtags, handles, and websites, then join the conversation!  


#uprisingoflove @uprisingoflove

It Gets Better Project & Uprising of Love are teaming up with a number of leading LGBTI organizations to host a series of online Google hangouts during an Olympics inspired LGBTI Rights week. These hangouts will engage the larger community in discussion about the importance of acceptance in sports while also discussing LGBTI rights generally.

#p6, @allout

Principle 6, a campaign inspired by the values of the Olympic charter, is a way for athletes, spectators and global supporters to celebrate the Olympic principle of non-discrimination and call for an end to Russia’s anti-gay laws before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


The It Gets Better Project (IGB), just last month launched a powerful campaign called “You Are Beautiful” to connect with and support young gay people in Russia.  As Mashable reported, It Gets Better is asking ordinary people from around the world to submit videos and written messages of support to Russia’s gay teen community: “To the LGBT youth of Russia, you are beautiful inside and out.”


Outsports, is a leader in gay sports news, commentary, photos and videos. Their goal  is making sure that being a gay athlete or gay sports fan is not an oxymoron.


The Gay Games are an international sporting and cultural event held every four years. Launched in 1982, the Games invite participation from all athletes—regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic or artistic ability, age, physical challenge or health status.

LGBT Movement and #Sochi2014 – follow the conversation

Follow Friday: Financial Empowerment

by Jess (Faulk) Samuels

This time of year I am always searching the web for the best deals, the best gifts, and the ideas on how to save money during a time when expenses can skyrocket.  Between that flight home, gifts for the family, and gift exchanges in the office, you can end up spending way more than you intended to.  As student affairs professionals, you are likely on a tight budget, paying down school loans while saving for your financial goals.  Today’s follow Friday highlight two sites, run by women, and for women to help you plan for the future, and save right now.

LearnVest, @LearnVest

This website was first brought to my attention when I met the founder, Alexa von Tobel,  at Internet Week New York.  I was inspired by her focus on educating women about money.  The free version of this site offers education bootcamps on everything from “living a debt free life” to “getting hitched.”  Also, like it allows for you to set up a budget and link bank accounts so you can plan better, for big life moments, or just making sure you have enough saved for all of the Hanukkah gifts you plan on buying.

Money Saving Mom @moneysavingmom

I stumbled upon this site when I was looking for online coupons.  This site is run by an awesome, authentic mom, Crystal Paine, who prides herself on saving money and offering tips for you to as well.  In her bio, she states, that her mission “is to challenge women to wisely steward their time and resources and live life on purpose.”  I was especially impressed by the organization, with drop down menus for coupons, store deals, and freebies.

I am a sucker when it comes to beautiful design, and easy to navigate layout –  which both of these sites do very well.  Do  you have favorite sites for money saving, money planning, and empowering us to know our finances?  Share them in the comments!


Follow Friday: Financial Empowerment

Follow Friday: East Coast Edition

By Kathryn Magura

It’s my favorite day of the week, Friday! Not only does the culmination of busy week come to an end, it’s Follow Friday day on the blog! I love this blog series because it gives our blogging community an opportunity to highlight some people or places to follow (in a non creepy way, I promise).

I’m excited to present what I’m referring to as an East Coast Edition of the Follow Friday series, because I am choosing to highlight two women I admire who happen to reside on the east coast. And they say east and west coasts can’t get along!

  1. Cindy Kane: Cindy is the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. I first “met” Cindy soon after I found the #sachat community on Twitter, and instantly knew that this smart and witty woman was incredibly kind and authentic. Cindy is known for adding wonderful insights into conversations, and is especially adept at discussing the intricacies of the Strengths Finder assessment. Cindy and I frequently commiserate about our shared Individualization strength, and how exhausting it can be. As a bonus, Cindy is the proud mother of the most hilarious red haired kid I know on Twitter: Little Red Said.
  2. Sue Caulfield: One of the things I love about social media is how you can get connected to people you may never meet otherwise, yet are grateful for the opportunity that brought you together. Sue is a recent connection, and someone who quite simply is a joy to know. Sue is caring, compassionate, and quick to advocate for her fellow introverts. Sue and I share a number of nerdy tendencies, which is something I really appreciate. Something that truly inspires me about Sue is her artistic talent. If you haven’t checked out the myriad “suedles” on her website, I would encourage you to look through them. Simply amazing and inspiring!

Check out these two outstanding women on Twitter!

Follow Friday: East Coast Edition

Follow Friday: Fitness Edition (Plus Bonus Link)

By Brenda Bethman

Credit: spykster, Flickr (via Fit Bottomed Girls)
Credit: spykster, Flickr (via Fit Bottomed Girls)

As you know (and may well be sick of hearing) from previous posts, I recently embarked on a quest to get more fit (or, well, fit at all if I’m going to be honest). Because I’m one of those people who likes to research everything, I’ve started following some fitness blogs and am sharing them for this edition of Follow Friday:

Women’s Health Magazine:The emphasis on weight loss and getting a “hot” body is annoying, but if you can get past that, there’s some good information on nutrition and fitness, as well as some good workouts, usually with video.

Fit Bottomed Girls: A more feminist and body-positive spin on women’s fitness (how can you not love a group who titles their book The Anti-Diet?), this site contains a wealth of information on fitness, nutrition and health. They’re also funny, which is a plus.

eat, live, runIf all this working out is making you hungry, here’s a blog with some fabulous (and healthy!) recipes

Happy reading and eating!

Oh, and that bonus link? Go check out Eric Stoller’s list of 20 (all-female) SA pros to follow on Twitter. It’s definitely a “must follow” list.

Follow Friday: Fitness Edition (Plus Bonus Link)

Follow Friday – the “Silent” Tweeters

by Valerie Heruska

There was an interesting conversation via the Twittersphere the other day. @StacyLOliver started by asking the question:


Of course I responded by saying that some of the best voices aren’t even on Twitter because they’re too busy doing stuff. I agree with Stacy, being that there are times I constantly see the same people’s “voices” on my feed and wonder if they even work during day, but that’s another blogpost. I digress.

But there are people on Twitter who I think carry more validity than those who are the loudest or who have the most followers/fans. Here are just a few:

@DeanWenner : Dean Annamaria Wenner from Wentworth Institute of Technology is a fabulous example of how a dean connects with her students. I find her tweets to be fun and very student focused. I think if anyone is thinking  – but she’s a dean and she is so far up the admin chain, how does she have time for students? – be sure to follow her because she always makes time for her students. Her thoughts of the day are fantastic too!

@JasminePClay  I love to follow Jasmine because she is always tweeting out motivational and inspiring things. If I’m ever having a bad day, I know I can count of Jasmine to make my day better with a little word love. Some examples of her tweets: “It isn’t motivation that creates success, but habit and action.” or  “Compassion can encourage efforts toward global justice and social change.” Thank you Jasmine for making my day a little brighter!

@ShineyJames Similar to Jasmine, Shiney is just a fantastic person who makes my life a little better. Shiney works at BU with me and she is one of the most fantastic women who work here. She;s our director of orientation and does a fantastic job of welcoming the new Terriers.  Some of her tweets that make my day ” Challenging the folks who settle to discover the errors in their ways is something I am always willing to do.” and “If we live only for our individual goals or only for the community, we live a short life. Finding the balance between the two gives us joy.” Thank you Shiney!


Follow Friday – the “Silent” Tweeters

Follow Friday – History Edition

by Kristen Abell

As you may (or may not) know, I am a graduate of the University of Kansas, also known as a Jayhawker for life. This means that I’m especially attuned to events going on in the Lawrence area on the interwebs. this week was an active week for Larryville in the Twitterverse and beyond, as they commemorated the 150th anniversary of Quantrill’s Raid on Lawrence in 1863. For those not in the know, Quantrill led a band of pro-slavery Missourians in a raid that burned the anti-slavery stronghold of Lawrence almost entirely to the ground. In order to commemorate the rebirth of Lawrence after this event, the city decided to re-enact the raid…on Twitter.

Although it’s been a couple of days since the Twit-enactment, you can still see most of the stream by checking out the #QR1863 hashtag or by visiting the website at I’ve always thought a use of social media to re-enact a historical event, a TV show, or a book would be an excellent way of teaching others how to use the different tools available, and this is a fabulous example of that. If you visit the website, you can even see the timeline they used to create the Twitter stream. Several members from the Lawrence community acted as historical figures, complete with Twitter handles and bios to fit. In addition to tweeting out the events of the day, they reacted to tweets from “current day” responders. Getting into the excitement of the day, a few folks even created some new Twitter profiles – @horse1863 and @martymcfly1863 are just a couple examples – and jumped right into the tweet-stream.

In addition to the folks live-tweeting the re-enactment, several schools in the area followed along and did history lessons so that their students could participate in the historical events of the day.

Now this, folks, is how you use social media. I highly encourage you to go check it out and think of ways you could use social media similarly. I’ve already got my mind churning on ways to do my next training via live-tweeting an event or book. What similarly awesome uses of social media have you seen?

Follow Friday – History Edition