Linkage Love – 5 Fun and Useful Tech Links

By Jennifer Keegin

Here’s some interesting, fun and useful tech links for your week!


10 Computer Shortcuts You Can Use for Evil

Small little tricks that you can play on co-workers or others.


Learn to Code

So you don’t know code yet? Learn in your spare time this summer! Just like learning a new language.


Computer Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

This is straight from Reddit and is a crowd sourced page of tips and tricks.


App Directory for All Your Gear

Very cool listing from Life Hacker.


The Creepiest Apps and Sites

‘Cause they are creepy.



Linkage Love – 5 Fun and Useful Tech Links

Linkage Love: Email and Out of the Office

By Brenda Bethman

IMG_0647As you know from my last post, I have travel on the brain right now (even more so now, since I leave in 10 days). I’ve also been out of the office a fair amount during the last month or so due to illness and travel, so this article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye. Author Melissa Korn notes that despite a clearly-stated out-of-office message, some folks nonetheless emailed repeatedly during the time she’d stated she would be out of the office:

“I was horrified to see at least four or five notes following up on emails that had only been sent a day or two earlier–when my out-of-office response was already switched on. The senders knew I was out, yet they still felt the need to send another note, asking why I didn’t respond. One went so far as to send a text message to my personal cellphone after receiving my automatic reply, convinced that her news was too important to wait. (It wasn’t.)”

I also noticed this when I was out of the office with bronchitis in late April/early May. Despite an out-of-office reply that basically said “I’m sick and will read your email when I feel human again,” many students emailed daily with their queries. This also happened during spring break, with one student going so far as to find my cell phone number and texting me (no, that did not go down well).

Of course, part of the reason folks repeatedly email is because they assume that “out of office” doesn’t actually mean anything as many folks (like Korn did) continue to check their email when on vacation or ill, as this article on CNBC points out (“How the Smartphone Killed the Three-Day Weekend“).

To get around this expectation, danah boyd developed what she calls an “email sabbatical” and more folks are declaring “email bankruptcy” upon their return.

As student affairs professionals, it’s easy for us to lose boundaries as Stacy Oliver pointed out last summer but time off (especially after the craziness of April and May) is essential. Even I, notorious for my email habits, turned off last summer and this past Memorial Day weekend. The challenge I’m now finding is getting others to recognize that I really do mean it when I say I’m out of the office. But I’m hopeful that it will take as I prepare for my summer travels.

What about you? How do you turn off? And get others to respect your boundaries when you do?


Linkage Love: Email and Out of the Office

On My Radar: A Few Tech-Related Items

By Anitra Cottledge

I’m still feeling fuzzy from the semester and its ending, and am just getting around to my usual routine of clicking around the intrawebz. A few technology-related items that caught my eye:

  • I’m Out of the Office. No, Really. I Am. – This article poses the question: “Is the out-of-office message meaningless?” Not to me. I don’t have a problem not checking my email when I’m away from the office. I used to have my email synced to my phone…for about two hours and then I just wanted people to pelt me with an endless stream of gummi bears.
  • #Hashtags: Facebook’s missing link to pop culture – So Facebook is missing out on cool points because it doesn’t have a hashtag mechanism? I suppose this is true. One part of me says, “What the big deal? I use hashtags on Facebook anyway, even if they aren’t live.” But then again, hashtags are useful on Twitter, particularly when you’re trying to follow a conversation. Then again, I don’t use Twitter in the same way that I use Facebook, so I’m not sure that I would want the same hashtag functionality on Facebook as I have on Twitter.
  • Tools for Displaying Tweets at Your Event – Some new and useful tools that could come in handy for those of us in Student Affairs, who tend to plan lots of programs and events, and may want fresh ideas about how to integrate technology into our programs.
  • Facebook Rape Campaign Ignites Twitter: Boycott Threats From #FBrape Get Advertisers’ Attention – When Jaclyn Friedman, executive director of WAM (Women, Action, & the Media), Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, and Soraya Chemaly, feminist writer and activist, write an open letter to Facebook asking that it take action on “pages and images that explicitly condone or encourage rape or domestic violence or suggest that they are something to laugh or boast about.”

What are you reading?

On My Radar: A Few Tech-Related Items

Linkage Love – 10 Tech Crafts to get Creative With

by Jennifer Keegin

Like most of us, graduation has come and gone recently and now we have some breathing room. Maybe. Just Maybe – you have time for some TECH CRAFTS. Here’s a list of some great craft type items that you may feel compelled to work on this summer.

  1. Make fonts from your own handwriting.
  2. Add Pinterest mouse over buttons to your website’s photos.
  3. Create your own wallpapers for your desktop and laptop. Consider making an organizational wallpaper and share it with our readers.
  4. Wrap your phone charger in cuteness.
  5. Friendship Bracelets meet tangle-free headphones. Or just wrap your cords to make them cooler.
  6. Turn your cell phone photos into tiny Polaroid photo magnets!
  7. Make your own charging cell phone holder out of a shampoo bottle.
  8. If you can sew, make a circle zip earbud pouch keychain. Then make one for me.
  9. Cross-Stitch yourself a phone cover.
  10. There’s even a tech case kit for kids (or adults who like owls) to make.

Till next time – have fun crafting. Share with us any cool tech craft type projects you are working on this summer!

Linkage Love – 10 Tech Crafts to get Creative With

Linkage Love: The End of the Year Love

By Valerie Heruska

It’s been a stressful last few weeks for student affairs professionals. With finals and closing… and everything in between, the stress has been there and is possibly still there. Here are a few links that I like to share with my students and colleagues, just in case they need a good creative outlet or an “awwww” moment: – How could one not love pictures of cute animals. There’s no such thing as cute overload. Seriously. They’re so fluffy!

Build Your own Kaleidoscope – remember kaleidoscopes? Remember all the pretty colors? Now, remember when someone would put dust on the rim and then you would walk away with a circle around your eye? Yeah not cool, but this virtual kaleidoscope won’t let you down. It’s pretty rad and you can put the shapes where ever you want to create beautiful patterns.

Make your own flower – Yes, I know we all have paint on our PCs and other photoshop type of programs, but this one is simple, and pretty nifty.

Cutest of the Cute – The cutest of the cute, eh? I’ll let you decide, though they are pretty adorable animals. 🙂

Linkage Love: The End of the Year Love

Linkage Love: Pocket

by Lauren Creamer

If you’re anything like me (and I’m sure some of you are), you spend a good portion of your day checking up on social media sites or trolling around the internet looking for some new interesting piece of information. I tend to check my Twitter and Facebook as I ride the bus to my practicum (a short 20 minute trip), wait for a meeting to begin, or just to kill a few spare minutes before I head to class. And in that time – when I seem to have no time – I always find articles or stories that seem intriguing. But I never actually have enough time to read them. However, I was recently introduced to Pocket, my new favorite site/app/gift from God and great solution to my time-crunch problem.


Pocket is like some sort of amazing cross between Evernote, Pulse, and Pinterest. Like Evernote, you can save PDFs and articles as you find them and access them across multiple mediums. Like Pulse, it categorizes those articles in a neat, organized fashion. And, like Pinterest, it does so at the click of a button on your search bar. Pocket will also save photos and videos, so you can save three different types of media at your finger tips (videos are especially great to save and watch later – I always find myself doing this with TED Talks).

While I know I have the option, it seems so silly to just keep book-marking pages and going back to them on my laptop periodically. Pocket lets you save articles from your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop – and allows you to access them anywhere, as they are all connected. So now, instead of trying to speed read an article, I can save it with a click and browse them as please.


Linkage Love: Pocket

Linkage Love: Help for Boston

By Valerie Heruska

As someone who lived what pretty much seemed to be the longest/most tragic week in Boston, I’ve been scouring the web to find ways that I can help others. Boston has been my home for the past two years, and I couldn’t just sit here and do nothing. There are some great resources on the web that anyone can reference, just not in times of tragedy. Special thanks to @richdecapua for sending this list to Mass NASPA members.


Coping with Disaster Resources

Explosions (section on After an Explosion)  



Coping with Disaster  



Building Your Resilience  

American Psychological Association  


Managing traumatic stress: Tips for recovering from disaster/traumatic events 

American Psychological Association                


Taking Care of Your Emotional Health After a Disaster  

American Red Cross


Recovering Emotionally

American Red Cross 


Helping Children Cope with Disaster

American Red Cross/US Federal Emergency Management Agency


Disaster Distress Helpline (24/7 phone and text)

Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration


The One Fund (donations)

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino have announced the formation of The One Fund Boston, Inc. to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.



Thanks to @oberbecca for her fabulous contribution to the running community:

In the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon we were left wanting to join together to show our support. Some of us are runners, some are joggers, some are walkers, and some are lacing up for the first time; all of us want to #RunForBoston. Go out and run your miles or walk your block, then come back here and share your run.

These miles aren’t about raising money, but about showing our support for the runners, families, rescuers, and Bostonians. They are about being a part of something bigger than ourselves and being a part of a community. Log as many runs as you like for as long as you like, I’ll keep the form active and share totals periodically.

If you want to log your miles for charity, download the Charity Miles App. For every mile you walk or run, 25 cents will be donated to a charity you select (or 10c per mile biked).

Linkage Love: Help for Boston