My desk. During Welcome Week.

By Jennifer Keegin

These types of posts are usually about what’s on our desktop..and or desk. However, my desktop is boring except for my super awesome desktop background which is in itself an organizational tool. But today I’m in the mood to cover the other half of this challenge. My desk. The literal top of my desk.

Last year the entire Dean of Students area was facing a transition and it was asked of all staff to consider moving around rethinking our spaces. Long story short, I gave up a perfectly good office with windows for a space with no windows and concrete walls. Folks on video conference calls said I looked like I was in jail.

However, there was a silver lining to the whole thing. I was given the chance to buy new furniture of my choosing since the room was empty to start with. This was a great compromise and I moved immediately.

This picture will tell you the rest of the story.

JK desktop

1. My desk is the bomb.
2. My chairs are the most awesome and I’ve decided they are in the shade of my new favorite color.
3. Staples came out with a line of products in the same shade and I was ecstatic.
4. You’ll see remote controls since I’m in charge of the 13 televisions downstairs from my office in the food court.
5. I told you my desktop is boring. Its actually a new computer and I don’t have a good screensaver loaded.
6. The rest of the mess are maps, binders and related items all for this week’s events. I have outdoor movies tonight, an outdoor concert with Ferris Wheel tomorrow night, and an all day University Fest event Saturday. WHOO Wee.

Seriously though, as I look at this picture, it really does tell you so much about me. Especially me in an incredibly busy time at work.

For those of you who have already jumped the Welcome Week hurdle – Congrats. For those entering the fray – LET’S DO THIS.

My desk. During Welcome Week.

On My Desk

by Kristen Abell

As a nod to the “how do you work” posts so many of us enjoyed writing before the summer, we created a new type of post – on your desk/desktop – for our bloggers to share with our readers. You may have seen Josie Ahlquist’s post on this same topic last week. Today I get to share mine.

Desk with computer, pictures, Wonder Woman accessories
My desk tends to serve two purposes – it’s a place for work, obviously, but it’s also a place for me to share my personality. For those of you that know me, it will be a real shock to find out that I’m a – gasp! – introvert in the workplace. Using my desk to share my Wonder Woman collection and my photos allows me to share a bit of my personality without having to tell everyone about myself (torture for this introvert). You might also see a couple #Suedles in this shot – some of my favorite things to show off!

Desktop with photos, stacks of paper
I am also a big believer in the “piles” method of organizing. In other words, all of my papers are in piles on my desk. To you they may look like a mess, but to me, they’re organized chaos. I can usually find whatever it is I’m looking for within a few seconds.

I keep photos of my family and artwork by Aedan at my desk, too. This helps me when I need perspective – when that project feels too big or that website too impossible. I just need to look at my pictures and know that I’ll be going home to that at the end of the day, and suddenly I can breathe easier.

As far as my computer desktop goes, I tend to also use the “piles” organization method on there, as well – although less effectively, I admit. My desktop is where any small website projects I’m working on tend to live, along with tons and tons of screen shots that I use when I’m developing responsive design on a website (I may have cleaned those off for the picture above). About every 2 – 3 months, I get in an organizing mood and clean up my desk and desktop, then usually can’t find anything for the next week or so, until my piles build up again.

So what’s on your desk or desktop? How do you organize workspace (or not)? Let us know!



On My Desk