Linkage Love: Finding Recipes Online

By Kathryn Magura

I’ve never considered myself to be much of a cook, but I like to try. I am one of those people who needs to follow a recipe, so I frequently find myself combing the internet for good recipes on the web. For today’s linkage love, I thought I’d share some of my favorite websites to check for good quality recipes.

  1. The Pioneer Woman: I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the Pioneer woman, but I’m sure glad I did. I enjoy her free thought blogging style as she walks us through her recipes, and the pictures of her food are simply stunning! I’ve never seen such wonderful pictures of food. I have a feeling that Ree Drummond (the actual Pioneer Woman) would be fun to hang out with as well.
  2. Epicurious: If I have some random ingredients in my refrigerator, but no true inspiration for what to make, I’ll plug the ingredients into Epicurious and see what recipes come back. I’ve found a few good recipes this way, and when I’m feeling adventurous about food, this is where I’ll go to satisfy my craving.
  3. Skinnytaste: In my quest to try and eat healthier, I found I’ve tried a few recipes from this site, and I’ve found them to be very tasty. The fact that they are also healthy is simply a bonus.
  4. Chocolate-Covered Katie: While this one may seem dessert focused, I actually found it while looking for some healthy breakfast options on Pinterest. While Katie seems to be a big dessert fan, she seems to find ways to make them as healthy as possible. Katie provides a lot of healthy substitutions that allow those of us with a big sweet tooth to indulge themselves without too much guilt.
  5. Pinterest: One of the things I love about Pinterest is how easy it is to find great recipes there. I find a lot of fantastic recipes to try just by perusing my feed from the recipes my friends post. I’ve also found success typing keywords into the search to find recipes as well.

So what are your favorite websites for recipes? I’m especially fond of good slow cooker recipes, so feel free to make recommendations in the comments!

Linkage Love: Finding Recipes Online

Linkage Love

by Kristen Abell

So when I was making up this schedule two months ago, Brenda was all, “Maybe we should take the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off.” And I was all, “No, no, no – we need to keep blogging. I’ll take that day if I need to.” Yeah, great idea, Kristen. Will someone PLEASE tell me to put a sock in it the next time I say something like that?

So, in light of the upcoming holiday and the fact that I’m in no mood to blog, I decided to do a little pre-cooking work for you. Since I don’t really cook, I don’t know that I’ll ever find these sites useful, but if I did, this is exactly how I’d go about it – by Googling “how to cook a turkey” and finding the most descriptive site possible. So see, here I’ve gone and done the work for you.

So I have to think that someone who takes the time to register the domain name must know something about cooking turkeys. Or just wants to screw with all of us. But after looking at the site, I’m gonna go with the former – this site is extremely detailed, down to thawing time and everything. Definitely going to use this if I ever have to cook one.

Then, of course, there’s the Butterball site – – long known for its helpfulness on all things turkey. There are recipes, tips and ideas for cooking your turkey all in one place. And with it being Butterball, you know these are tried and true.

But we all know there’s more than turkey to Thanksgiving – there’s stuffing! And Food Network has all the stuffing recipes you could possibly want to try. And then some. But in case you do try all of them, and you’re looking for something else, you can find more at

And of course, no Thanksgiving would be complete without pumpkin pie. Now this, I do know how to make. This is one of my favorite recipes – a two layer pumpkin pie with a whipped cream/cream cheese layer that is absolutely heavenly.

And my older sister swears by Charlie Gibson’s pumpkin chiffon pie – which tastes yummy, but takes longer to make than I want to spend on something that will be gone in five seconds.

And if you’re a cheesecake fan like I am, the pumpkin cheesecake recipe from The Cheesecake Factory is sure to be a hit (and sure to be one I’m trying in the near future – yum!).

Of course, when all else fails, I find a phone call makes a great recipe – and saves lots of prep and clean-up time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Linkage Love