Linkage Love – 10 Tech Crafts to get Creative With

by Jennifer Keegin

Like most of us, graduation has come and gone recently and now we have some breathing room. Maybe. Just Maybe – you have time for some TECH CRAFTS. Here’s a list of some great craft type items that you may feel compelled to work on this summer.

  1. Make fonts from your own handwriting.
  2. Add Pinterest mouse over buttons to your website’s photos.
  3. Create your own wallpapers for your desktop and laptop. Consider making an organizational wallpaper and share it with our readers.
  4. Wrap your phone charger in cuteness.
  5. Friendship Bracelets meet tangle-free headphones. Or just wrap your cords to make them cooler.
  6. Turn your cell phone photos into tiny Polaroid photo magnets!
  7. Make your own charging cell phone holder out of a shampoo bottle.
  8. If you can sew, make a circle zip earbud pouch keychain. Then make one for me.
  9. Cross-Stitch yourself a phone cover.
  10. There’s even a tech case kit for kids (or adults who like owls) to make.

Till next time – have fun crafting. Share with us any cool tech craft type projects you are working on this summer!

Linkage Love – 10 Tech Crafts to get Creative With

Making Life Easier…for My Little Artist

by Kristen Abell


If you’ve read any of my other blogs or follow me on social media, you might know I have a son who fancies himself an artist. I sorta love this about my kid. He’s got his own unique personality, and it works for him.

But the art. What the heck am I supposed to do with all the art? Papers and papers and more papers – they could fill a room if I kept them all. And I am most definitely not an artist, so when he asks me for “projects” to do, what am I gonna come up with? (If he wants blog posts to write, fine – I’ve got a ton of prompts I can come up with on a dime, but I’m thinking he’s still a little young for that. And definitely not interested.) Then there’s the art supplies – dang those things take up a lot of room.

Well, it turns out there are a few things to help me out in this area. For the last two, of course, there’s the almighty Pinterest. Check out any DIY or kids’ boards, and you’ll find plenty of projects. This weekend we’ll be doing eraser-stamp art, as a matter of fact. He also frequently modifies whatever I come up with to his own interests. So one weekend we were decorating mason jars with beads and a hot glue gun, and he came up with a “worry jar” – “You just tell it your worries, Mom, and it drinks them up!” Pretty creative if I do say so myself.

Art Bucket


And of course, there are always organization ideas on Pinterest, as well – thank goodness for me. My favorite project on there has been the art bucket I made for him awhile back now. We put everything in it. It gets a little heavy to lug around at times, but once we get it where he needs it, he’s good to go. Easiest project ever. Unfortunately, this doesn’t quite encompass his art supplies, as he also has an aunt and a friend-aunt who are artists and feel the need to constantly replenish his art projects (popsicle sticks, clay, paint, wood letters, sand art, etc. – you name it, they’ve gotten it for him. Thanks so much). We’ll be looking for more organization projects to do soon. The good news is, he’ll probably love to help me. The bad news is that his idea of “help” isn’t always the same as mine.



Finally, there is all the art. All the tons and tons of art. And what to do with all these masterpieces? I can’t just throw them away, right? But I can’t keep them. So here is my favorite part – a new app called ArtKive that helps you archive whatever masterpiece your kid brings home – paper or otherwise. You can also set up a contact list to email out the little master’s works to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, whoever. Finally, once you’ve amassed enough, you’ll be able to order a photo book of your favorite pieces (they’re still working on this last feature, but it’s on the way!). I can’t tell you how awesome this is. I have already managed to ge

t rid of a huge stack of art that we’ve been holding onto since preschool in one night, and I have another one to go. I’m loving the ability to get rid of some of his stuff without the guilt, and I know he’s going to love the little book he’ll get when it’s done – and so will I!

Technology – making the life of my little master oh so much better.

Obi Wan
I see obi wan with a lie savrr
Making Life Easier…for My Little Artist