Linkage Love

By Kristen Abell

Warning: This post is gonna be all over the place. If you can handle the random, proceed with caution.

I couldn’t decide on any single theme or thread that connects these links, so I’m just going to throw them all out there – maybe you’ll see something I didn’t. Hope you enjoy!

For a couple of history/random fact lessons about social networking and e-mail, check out the history of social media infographic at Mashable, as well as these ten facts about e-mail. It’s always interesting to take a bird’s-eye view of the whole progression for me.

This post on how the total number of Twitter users fell in 2010 just reminds us that a small number of people can create large amounts of content – it sometimes feels like there’s more of us on here because we’re producing so much more.

These are not necessarily new links, but because I saw several posts/comments about coming up with blog ideas and blogging in general over the past couple of weeks, I thought I’d include them. Chris Brogan (despite his over-marketing through his blog), has some decent ideas for blog posts, as well as some suggestions for helpful blog tools. Meanwhile, over at Prof Hacker, they share their thoughts on how to create a group blog (FYI, Prof, that would have been helpful several months ago :-). I also liked some of these suggestions for getting over writer’s block (sorry, another Mashable link – but dang, they’re hot this week!). And of course, we’re always happy to help with our Blog Prompt Mondays.

Prof Hacker also had a great post about using technology in the classroom, including why it’s important, what are some of the barriers, and then also how we can surmount those barriers. Meanwhile, Gizmodo makes some pretty decent points about why we’re not quite ready for iPads in the classroom yet.

So there you have it folks – another week of Linkage Love. What have you been checking out on the internets this week?

Linkage Love