Linkage Love: Post Google Reader

by Valerie Heruska

I’m riding the struggle bus with finding a new RSS reader. I love Google Reader like I love that perfect shade of pink nail polish that doesn’t exist because OPI refuses to make it, but I digress. Come July 1, Google Reader will be that pink nail polish. As much as an epic tragedy this is, it will happen and I will have to make the best out of this situation. So here’s some research I’ve been doing on new RSS readers:


The Old Reader:┬áit’s still in Beta, but if you’re like me and want to play with things in Beta, then give this one a whirl. Be forewarned, they’re still fixing the bugs and there is no mobile app. It’s web-based, just like Google Reader.

NewsBlur: It’s real fancy and easy to use. They have apps compatible with Android and iPhone AND they have an iPad app. So now I have 3 wonderful ways to read things. Hooray! It organizes your news nicely on a sidebar and you can have multiple folders. It’s just a super nice layout and very easy on the eyes, without being too noisy – one of the things I appreciated about Google Reader.

Feedly:Basically, it’s Google Reader’s long lost twin (think the Parent Trap). It allows the same functionality as Google Reader and is also compatible with iPad, Android, and iPhone. It has a very simple interface and is user-friendly.

If you know of a replacement for Google Reader (:::Cry::::) please let us know!

Linkage Love: Post Google Reader