Linkage Love

By Melissa Johnson

It’s time for another edition of Linkage Love!

Lately Twitter has been all abuzz over NASPA / ACPA consolidation. By now, many of us have seen the email from the NASPA Yes! Consolidation No! Committee. Eric Stoller provided a thoughtful response earlier this week on Inside Higher Ed. There have been several other blog responses, namely from our own Kristen Abell, Kevin Guidry, Bryce Hughes, and Sean Grube. Continue to engage in consolidation conversation over Twitter by using the hashtag #NASPACPA.

Ed Cabellon provides a great overview of how he uses Google to search for new people to follow on Twitter. Ed has a knack for breaking things down and explaining them in a way that makes sense…at least to me! If only I could convince him to come to the “dark side” and apply for ed tech doctoral programs!

ProfHacker has a fantastic piece on teaching influences. I’ve had the pleasure of reconnecting with many of my former teachers, from K-12, college, and even dance and music instructors outside of school, on Facebook. Several months ago I dedicated a post to my teaching influences, tagging many of those former teachers. Without a doubt, some of my greatest teaching influences took place in my Paideia classes in high school. Lots of demonstration and discussion led by the students – hallmarks of my teaching today.

FETC is taking place through tomorrow in Orlando. Although FETC primarily focuses on educational technology in the K-12 arena, there’s always something new to learn that potentially could be adapted to higher education. Lurk on their conversations on Twitter by using the hashtag #FETC or following FETC.

And finally, a bit of fun courtesy of my students – in need of musical inspiration while you work? Check out for several energetic playlists, and one lower-key playlist entitled the “homework mix”

And that concludes this week’s edition of Linkage Love. What links have you been checking out this week?

Linkage Love