Gathering #SocialMedia Guidelines from Higher Education #SoMe #edusomedia #highered

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by Laura Pasquini

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When discussing social media guidance in higher education, there seems to be a lot of grey areas. Social media use is a relevant topic on many college and university campuses. Over the course of the next few months, my plan is to review social media guidelines to sort out the grey, and identify more black and white ideas about social media guidance.

To pursue my dissertation research, I am currently gathering ANY and ALL Social Media Guidelines from Higher Education Institutions from ANY and ALL COUNTRIES. If you currently attend, work, teach, or know of any a post-secondary institution who provides guidance for social media, then I need your help! Please search your institutional website for “social media” guidelines. Keep in mind, your institutional “guidance” for social media may also be be labelled as: guidelines, policy, tips, rules, beliefs, regulations, strategy, or take on another name. If you are aware of any websites, documents, or artifacts that guide social media at a university or college campus, please COMPLETE THIS FORM.

 Please consider contributing to help advance social media guidance and use at our institutions: 

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The following website was created to gather and build a social media guideline database and share information about this research:

If you have questions, concerns, or want to get more involved in this social media guideline project, please feel free to CONTACT ME. Thank you!

Gathering #SocialMedia Guidelines from Higher Education #SoMe #edusomedia #highered