App Highlight: Card Munch and Evernote Hello

By Jennifer Keegin

I am currently writing this post while attending the Women’s Leadership Institute in Amelia Island, Florida.

The Women’s Leadership Institute is the premier program for women leaders across campus. The program is held at a resort-style location to maximize learning and minimize distractions, and is designed for women who aspire to new leadership positions on campus. The institute features a curriculum with an overall focus on building the next generation of leaders in higher education administration and student affairs. This is a wonderful program for women of all ages to come together to learn and network with one another, forming bonds that will last a lifetime.

So now that I’ve shared the purpose of this Institute, one of the major components is networking. I had two apps on my iPhone that I could utilize to enhance this. Card Munch and Evernote Hello.

Card Munch was an app that was recommended by Teri Bump via the #WLI12 Twitter hashtag feed. I know Teri networks like CRAZY and travels all the time, so it was definitely something I wanted to try out. I also have been wanting to try out Evernote Hello since I’m very much into using Evernote every day and this is another app of theirs.

I collected 15 business cards and three Evernote Hello profiles. Here are some thoughts:

Card Munch:

I use apps all the time to scan documents. I’ve already said I like Evernote and I’m always taking photos of documents, my hotel room door the first night to remember my room number (just in case), pictures of souvenirs I’m pondering buying for my 3 year old, and etc. So, I liked the idea of an app where I’d collect the cards, take a photo of them and then they would upload into a program that would hold them for me so I could search through them. Here’s what I didn’t realize it would do – after I took all the photos, LinkedIn profiles starting popping up so I could also connect with these folks via LinkedIn. Brilliant! Definitely made me realize that there are a lot of women out there that really need to work on building their profiles on their social networking sites. Those with photos – I’m going to remember them even better!

Evernote Hello:

I love the idea of Hello. You can either pass the phone to someone and ask them to fill out their info and let them take their own photo, or you can fill out the info yourself. I asked some women I was having lunch with to fill out their info and take their picture. It was an awkward process for them. Figuring what the heck I was talking about, realizing it was an app, trying to figure out what info they were supposed to fill out, what they wanted to fill out…then navigating the picture was the worst. They get four chances to take pics…and these are ladies! We ladies want GOOD pictures taken of us at all times. Being unfamiliar with the system lent itself to terrible photos and I felt bad asking more women to try it which is too bad, because the photo part was the only real hurdle. I also tried entering info myself, but it took longer with repeated questions of “How do you spell your name?” and “Your twitter handle is what?” and with the number of people I was trying to connect with – business cards were a much better solution. If you were meeting one on one with someone in a more intimate setting, I think this would be more fun.

I will most likely be blogging on my personal site very soon about my WLI experience, but for Tech purposes – I wanted to share these apps and I’m interested to hear about your thoughts on either of these apps AND any other apps you may have tried to help you keep tabs on all the new folks you are meeting in your journeys.

Be well all!


App Highlight: Card Munch and Evernote Hello