Geek Gift Guide

by Jess Faulk
Think that the geek in your life has everything they ever wanted? Think again! Check out this geek gift pinterest for ideas on what to buy.  Thought about purchasing a USB wall plate?  How about an R2D2 lunch bag?  Computer jewelry is always a hit.  The trick while searching is not to buy too many things for yourself along the way.  But is a good time to start a pinterest board for a holiday or birthday wishlist!  Check out many more gift ideas at GeekSugar and ThinkGeek.  My favorites are posted on a Geek Gift Guide pinterest board.

Have you  already been searching high and low for geek gifts this holiday season? Join our pinterest boardand share your favorites!  (message me at @jessfaulk and I will add you as a contributor)

Click the image below to link to the Pinterest:
Geek Gift Guide - Pinterest
As you are preparing for the holiday season I also encourage you to read one of our older SAWTT posts, “Tech Savvy Tips for Holiday shopping” by Jenn Prentice.  Also, don’t forget all of the instagrams gifts shared in Jennifer Keegin’s “Holiday Gifts + Instagram = Fun Times.”
Geek Gift Guide

On Vacation

Happy Holidays from Student Affairs Women Talk Tech! We are taking a break from publishing, beginning Monday, December 26, 2011 — we will resume posting on Monday, January 9, 2012. At that time, we’ll introduce some new bloggers and new posting formats, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy this video that was a viral hit during the 2010 holiday season:

On Vacation

‘Tis the Season- Linkage Love

pile of presents

As the holidays sneak by us I find myself glued to all of my electronic devices to do everything from prepare for taxes, do some badly needed shopping, bank on-the-go, scope out new electronics and stay sane.

Several of us on here have showcased awesome applications and links for managing day-to-day matters. I would like to briefly show off some links for managing the winter season.

I hope everyone takes a moment to prevent burn out and RELAX this winter break. Cheers!

Hostess with the mostess- A colleague of mine invited me to a dinner party and I received a nice digital invitation that was classic and sharp. Paperless Post will email the invites out similar to an evite but still gives you the joy of “opening” an envelope.

Dinners, cookie exchanges, oh my! I find that I am always preparing a dish for every pot luck, etc. this time of year. Tired of bringing the cups? Want to be original? Check out Epicurious to search recipes by ingredient and of course, there’s an app for that.

Shopping, shopping and more shopping! After enduring the madness of Black Friday I have resorted to dot coms to do the work for me and save on gas. Since many loved ones are not nearby and I am out of touch with their current interests, the family has started Wish Lists on Amazon. These are great because you can add an item from ANY website not just Amazon. Win!

Deals, Deals, Deals- I love a deal as much as the next person. Several sites are offering free shipping through Dec. 25 or deeply discounted gift certificates and vouchers to merchants and for vacation outings. Take advantage but read the fine print and don’t buy more than you could possibly use (guilty!).

Taxes already? Yes, the end of the year is upon us and if you are trying to fit in those last deductions try visiting your favorite charity or giving to the university foundation. There is no investment like the one in collegiate students. 😉 Just Give is a great source for finding a charity by zip code or keyword.

‘Tis the Season- Linkage Love

Holiday Gift Guide

By Brenda Bethman

For those of you who are still searching for the perfect gift for that techie gal (or guy) in your life, we are pleased to present the first Student Affairs Women Talk Tech Holiday Gift Guide.

Stephanie recommends Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac because “it finally has Outlook!”

The Ladybug SD Card Reader comes recommended by Daria for its cuteness and price.

Amber says the $10 she spent on the Portable Cooling Station was the best money she ever spent on a tech item.

From Colleen come two stocking stuffers for the tech items we already have: a lighted Kindle cover and privacy screen covers for the iPhone.

Speaking of iPhones, all I (Brenda) want for Christmas is a pair of iPhone-friendly gloves so that I can use my phone and keep my fingers warm at the same time.

Kristen sent in a list of items that just might be on her wish list as well:

Keyboard case for the iPad owner, specifically this one (you can find others on Amazon for around the same price or a little more inexpensive, although not by much). A keyboard can turn an iPad into a blogging machine.

iTunes gift card for the iPod/iPhone/iPad owner – Anyone with one of these devices can quickly blow $10 – $50 bucks on music, movies, or applications. It’s hard to go wrong with one of these.

Bluetooth speaker. Every time an iPod/iPhone owner buys a speaker, it ends completely useless once the iPod/iPhone is upgraded. With a Bluetooth speaker system, one can upgrade my iPhone/iPod without having to buy a new speaker each time. Kristen is hopeful that she will find one of these under the tree (hint, hint).

MacBook Air for the gift giver with money to burn. Kristen says: “of course I had to put this on here – it’s just so darn PRETTY. Oh, and functional, of course.”

USB watch for the uber-geek in your life that tends to lose USB drives… (Although we have to complain a bit, can they not come up with a woman’s watch/USB drive? Is it really that hard to believe that there are girl-geeks out there?)

Holiday Gift Guide

Helpful Holiday Apps and Sites

By Brenda Bethman

With the holidays coming up soon, here’s a list of apps and websites that will help get you through whether you’re shopping, cooking, baking, traveling, hanging out, or just trying to survive the madness (I’ve always wondered who the evil genius was who thought having the end of the semester fall between Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year’s was a good idea. Because it’s so not), one of these links should help you out. Happy holidays!

Finally, if you’re looking for a gift for the techie in your life, check out some of these holiday gift guides:

Do you have a favorite holiday website or app? Please leave your links in the comments.

[Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user lordog.]

Helpful Holiday Apps and Sites