The Power of Pictures

by Kristen Abell and Sue Caulfield

If you have been following the student affairs blogosphere at all lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen several blogs with companion illustrations, or #Suedles, as they’re fondly known.

Suedle about SuedlesIllustration by the amazing Sue Caulfield

Sue Caulfield has been spreading her work across numerous blogs besides her own and sharing the Suedle love. I’ve been mulling over a topic for the last few weeks trying to come up with something worthy of one of her illustrations, and I thought there was no better time to involve her than in a blogĀ about her drawings and how they’ve infiltrated student affairs.

Why are these illustrations so powerful? I think part of it has to do with the prevalence of the written word in student affairs. We read, read and read some more – whether it’s articles, books, blog posts, or tweets, those of us engaging online are reading ourselves silly. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the last person to discourage reading – I think we mostly enjoy it, too. But these illustrations are so refreshing to those of us inundated with words, that we can’t help but be drawn to them.

And of course, there is something about the illustrations themselves – Sue has done a masterful job in taking full and complex ideas and boiling them down to a single image. I think we love her drawings because they tell so much more than we can with just a tweet or a blog post. They take us beyond the written word and allow us to picture ourselves in them.

Somebody indicated on Twitter that we should make Sue our official student affairs artist, and I couldn’t agree more. Here’s to seeing more #Suedles in the student affairs blogosphere!

What do you like about Sue’s illustrations?


The Power of Pictures