Open Thread: Do You Care About #inboxzero?

By Brenda Bethman

For this week’s open thread, I want to talk about email — specifically the phenomenon known as “#inboxzero.” As I’m sure you know, this is a very recommended technique for managing one’s email. The folks who preach #inboxzero tend to be fairly zealous about it. In fact, as far as I can tell, I should be a hot mess of unproductivity thanks to the horror show (currently holding steady at #inbox307 in my work account) that is my inbox. Also, it appears that leaving my email up and running most of the time is stressing me out big time.

Here’s the thing, though — I don’t care about my inbox. I realized a long time ago that I could either spend time managing my email or I could do the rest of my job. I can’t do both, so I just let the email go — and it works for me just fine. I also leave it running and check in and out most of the day. If I’m trying to write something, I might close it — but otherwise, if I’m on the computer, the email is going. And that works for me, too.

Finally, one other thing — like Leah McClellan (see link below), I also have multiple accounts used for different purposes. Currently I manage eleven addresses (work, main personal, this blog, etc., etc.). Kind of a lot, I admit — but again, it works for me.

To me, that’s the key — do what works for you. What about you? Are you a zealous #inboxzero type? Or a let-it-all-go type? Do you check your email constantly? Or just now and then? What works for you? How accounts do you have? Let us know in the comments!

And here are some links for further reading on both sides of the email debate:

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[Photo Credit: Flickr user Ramberg Media Images, Creative Commons license]

Open Thread: Do You Care About #inboxzero?