Why is student affairs so difficult? [graph]

by Jess Samuels (@jessmsamuels)

A few years ago I was reading my favorite geek comic, xkcd and came across this one graphing fruit – items that have no business being on a graph.


Immediately I thought of another thing that has no business being on a graph – the work we do as student affairs professionals. So, what did I do?  Graph it of course!  As with any humor, it’s meant for a little laugh at ourselves, so take it lightly (and don’t forward it to any parents at my institution) 😉


 <Click on image to enlarge>

What did I miss on the graph?  Let me know in the comments!

Why is student affairs so difficult? [graph]

[Infographic] Why SAPros are really superheroes in disguise #saheroes

#saheroesThank you to all of my contributors!  As always it is amazing to hear back from the twitter community &  create something crowdsourced 🙂

@clconzen: Batman had the batsignal, we have the duty pager/cell phone
@clconzen: We’re constantly in touch with our multiple identities
@JoeGinese: Uses for duct tape, uses for colored paper, uses for an open space….
@juliargolden: SAPros have the supernatural power of perception – can always tell when a student is lying in a conduct hearing
@juliargolden: SAPros have power of super camouflage. Parents, staff (and our family) & other students mistake us for students all of the time
@clconzen: Three words: Social Justice League
@clconzen: Super heros have a belt. We have a bag of tape, rubber bands, foam objects, and a smart phone. Our cape = a clipboard.
@JoeGinese: Eyes see through lies but also see unrealized potential
@JoeGinese: Superhero = dedicated to civic development. SA pro = dedicated to student development.
@JoeGinese: Weakened by dismissive faculty, helicopter parents
@JoeGinese: Battles apathy, alcohol, and attitudes.
@JoeGinese: In touch with multiple identity theories
@JoeGinese: Hero = pays attn to crimefighting than damages. SA = pays attn to damages to fight costs..
@JoeGinese: SA pro origin – housing, activities, athletics offices or radioactive assistantships/internships/conference volunteers
@JoeGinese: Resourced – access to enough supplies, networks, and listsevs to face any…
@JoeGinese: Flexible, from classroom, dormroom, conference room, emergency room. The SA pros’ skills know no bounds.
@JoeGinese: Internally powered. add (or chocolate or caffeine).
@KMcCarthy8185  Something about responding to crisis at lighting speed 🙂
@JennaMagnuski I do possess the power to run several events at the same time (several places at the same time)…
@debtaub: We also have newsprint and markers! #sahero #sasuperhero
@Kmagura: Blue tape is our weapon of choice. Our bat signal is a student in crisis
@Kmagura: A super power [is] our #sachat posse. Our social network is our sidekick
@mca_mike: B/c ‘maintaining a health work-life balance’ is just our way of saying ‘I have a secret identity when I’m not student developing’
@bRSevigny: There is much more to us than meets the eye, but no matter where we are, we’re looking out for students!
@JennaMagnuski: Sa Pros move so fast between events all in the same night they seem to have ability to create physical duplicates of oneself.
@amerikag (?): Can see through walls, sniff out lies, predict the future

Action Sounds for SAPros
@tomkrieglstein: ZOOM! The sound a SA person makes when rushing between two different campus events. #SAchat
@cindykane: WOMP, WOMP… the sound when your mom says something that reminds you she STILL doesn’t understand what you do for work
@JoshuaTepps: How about ZOOM is the sound made by SApros driving around on golf carts during summer orientation and move in days
@ECrumrine: “Crash”, the sound of a good SAPro breaking the ice! 🙂
@JennaMagnuski: “Ka-pow” for the climax of those zinger educational conversations.  😉
@JennaMagnuski:  “Boing”, because we spring out of places unexpectedly & startle students.  🙂
@radiofreegeorgy: WHOOSH! – quick to help resolve any issues!
@JoeGinese: Internally powered. add (or chocolate or caffeine).
@JoeGinese: ZOOM – the sound of student potential rising, POP, the sound of orientation balloons filled with too much excitement.
@JoeGinese: Internally powered. add (or chocolate or caffeine).
@JoeGinese: BOINGG the sound of spring weekend inflatables.

A special thank you to @demonsean & @Alfred_Day for the last minute edits!

Looking for other Student Affairs themed infographics, visit my blog:  http://jessfaulk.wordpress.com/category/infographic/

[Infographic] Why SAPros are really superheroes in disguise #saheroes

Why Student Affairs Professionals will survive the Zombie Apocalypse [Infographic]

by Jess Samuels (@jessmsamuels)

Have you ever been watching a zombie movie or TV show and wondered how you would fair if you were stuck in the same situation?  I have often, and have recently come to the conclusion that as student affairs professionals we are better off than the average person when it comes to living in a post-apocalyptic world.  We’ve got the the resources and the experience, because let’s face it, come April we all feel like zombies (@clconzen).

Do you know more SAPro survival skills? Post them on the comments below!  Also, I HIGHLY suggest checking out the Disaster Preparedness Simulation Exercise created by a UF employee in 2009.  Read all about the controversy is caused on the SunSentinel.com.  In that regard, I would like to say that this was created in jest and is in no way associated with the college at which I work.

Below this infographic I have listed all of the great tweets that contributed to the creation of this post.  Thank you to everyone who gave me their ideas!  A enlarged version of the converted H1N1 sign is also posted below.

<click on graphic for a full size version>

SAZombies Contributions:

  • Friday duty nights are nothing compared to nights of the living dead @Clconzen
  • Face it…come April we all feel like zombies @Clconzen
  • SA pros negotiate work/life balance while zombies balance work/undeath balance @Clconzen
  • SA pros running on all cylinders with almost no sleep is just a normal day at work. @ECrumrine
  • We have closets full of snacks and candy for next week’s program & keys to the univ getaway golf @OberBecca
  • We’ll just write a developmental theory that will make their brains explode as they connect to emotion. @Kmagura
  • Hoarding supplies, leading groups of survivors, first aid kits, availability of sporting equipment and board games. @demonsean
  • We certainly WON’T if we do our thing and “meet them where they are” 😉 @justcameo
  • ZBSD reference from the unofficial Emergency Planning Document, UF Disaster Preparedness Simulation Exercise (Check out page 5 for the “Infected Co-Worker Dispatch Form”)


Graphic Credits: Flashlight by Mark A. Hicks, Candy from Clipartheaven.com, Pea shooter from Bryan Lopez, Tired Student from 1photos.com , Undead student & party zombies from JessFaulk, Key from Freepik.com, Golf Cart from Muddy Waters Metal Art , Microphone from WorldPolicy.org , Zombie Twitter Sticker from coolpics.blogspot.com , H1N11 sign from safetysign.com , Brain by BestVector & ZBSD reference by UF staff member
Why Student Affairs Professionals will survive the Zombie Apocalypse [Infographic]

Linkage Love: Infographics

By Jess Faulk

For my first official post, I have been given the privilege of sharing a little linkage love.  I think it would be most appropriate if I share one of my own loves: the growing world of infographics.  For those of you unfamiliar with this word, an infographic is a way of representing  data in a visual way.  One of the outcomes of this internet age is that we have a lot of  data at our finger tips.  Visualizations help us to make sense this information and can make it accessible to a larger audience. Higher Education is also a source of a lot of great information.  Think about how many surveys your department or college does in a year.  Have you ever thought about sharing the outcome with your students in a graphic way? If not, I want to plant the seed in your head.  Below are a short list of some of my favorite infographics & infographic sites. Check them out and get inspired!

As I have been inspired, I am working on a number of infographics myself. Some serious (based on real data) and some just for fun.  If you would like to contribute your ideas to one of my fun infographics, feel free to email me or tweet me (@jessfaulk) with an answer to one of the following questions:

  • What is a symptom that might appear if you need Student Affairs Detox? (inspired by Column Five) (#saDetox)
  • How is Residence Life like Star Trek? (#startrekRL)


Linkage Love: Infographics