Linkage Love: Lion & Google+

By Brenda Bethman

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week’s Linkage Love features the two biggest tech stories of July: Apple’s new OS, Lion and Google+ Happy reading!


Unless you live under a rock or really, really, really don’t care about Apple, you likely know that the newest version of Mac OS X, named Lion, showed up in the App Store this morning (along with some new MacBook Airs. Yes, I will confess to lusting for one despite having owned mine for less than a year. Can you say backlit keyboard?). If you’re a Mac owner planning to upgrade, here are some links for you:


I am fairly certain that most of you reading this are already on Google+ given the size of my #sachat circle. If you’re not, you probably will be soon. Below are some links of interest if you’re trying to figure out what all the Google+ hype is about:

What about you all? Are you on Google+? If yes, do you like it, hate it, feel “meh” about it? Anyone upgrading immediately to Lion? Or waiting to see how things go first? Let us know in the comments!


Linkage Love: Lion & Google+