Friend Me, Follow Me, Subscribe to Me

by Kristen Abell

Oh the drama that has been Facebook this week. Subscriptions! Changes! Newsfeed! Oh my! What will we do? How are we going to make it now that the all-powerful Facebook has changed it’s format…again?

Seriously, people, haven’t we been through this like a thousand times already? I mean, I have to admit, I was a little befuddled by the new page this time around, but still – I’ll get used to it, just like I did the last thousand times.

I remember back in the day when Facebook made some of their changes, and I was all in an uproar – I can’t find things anymore! And I’m pretty sure I joined some “We hate the new Facebook” group. And then I got used to it, and I just didn’t care. The next time Facebook made changes, I was frustrated, too, but realized that hey, I’ll get used to it again. As I do every time.

Let’s have a little history lesson, folks. Facebook was created as site for people to connect, to find out more about each other, to meet a potential date or hook-up (hey, these were college guys, let’s be realistic). It was not created as a way to protect your privacy or anyone else’s. That has never really been their shtick. So why are we all in an uproar about how they are suddenly obliterating it? If you don’t want people to know everything about you – DON’T POST IT. The only change Facebook has really made is making it easier to see what you’re doing – it was all visible and easy to find before, it’s just easier. Facebook is meant for people who are wanting to be open and authentic and connect with each other. If that’s not what you want, this isn’t the place for you. But don’t get all upset because it continues to do the things it’s proclaimed it wanted to do all along.

Of COURSE it’s going to try and adapt some of its features to be like Google+ and Twitter – why wouldn’t it, as so many people proclaim the advantages of those networks? What website, business, product doesn’t try to improve itself – even if those improvements aren’t always what people want? Why do we have to assume that Facebook is evil and out to get everyone, when really, they’re just trying to be better?

Go ahead, disagree with me, I’m curious to hear other arguments on this. But if you really hate Facebook so much, don’t expect me to be sympathetic – it’s a free service. No one is requiring you to use it. Sure, it’s only the largest networking site out there, but like I said, if that’s not what you’re wanting, you don’t have to be on there.

For me, I’ll continue to use Facebook, and I’ll continue to be more open, and I’ll continue to be responsible about what I’m posting. Oh, and Zuckerberg, you might be a conceited pain in the butt, but I think what you’ve done here is pretty freaking awesome, so have at it, dude. You deserve a little kudos – but don’t let that go to your already larger-than-life ego.

Friend Me, Follow Me, Subscribe to Me