Best Practices for Making Life Easier

by Colleen Riggle

Tis the season, in the world of student affairs, for banquets, end of the semester this and that, awards ceremonies galore! But how do you keep it all straight? How do YOU practice self care when you’re eating roasted chicken, mashed potatoes with a side of veggies 3 nights a week and delicious desserts for lunch?

For me, it’s using an app to track my food intake because aside from the start of the year when I’m eating cheesecake until September this is a very high calorie season! Not only are the students under deadlines to wrap up classes, finish projects and prepare for exams. We as professionals have end of the year reports, evaluations and assessment to do, too. And if you’re like me I stress eat, so using something that will help assess my intake and more importantly make sure I’m staying hydrated in HOTatlanta!

Maybe it’s the end of the year tiredness or perhaps I’m getting older, but I’m having a difficult time remembering as much as I used to. And I’m old fashioned when it comes to “to-do” lists but I’ve been digging the notepad on my new iphone 5. There is nothing special about it, other than it’s great to have something with when I’m jetting from meeting to meeting, and yet another meeting.

So as you embark on these last few weeks of the semester and make your way into summer, use this time to make life easier. Develop new ways of managing your schedule, keeping track of projects, long term goals, and planning for that vacation
with the notepad, or calendar on your iphone, ipad or even using the icloud! Good luck, summer is in site!

Best Practices for Making Life Easier

Track it and lose it.

by Valerie Heruska

Making your life easier

I  know I’ve expressed my love of apps. and the cloud in earlier posts, but I recently discovered two apps that are super helpful if you’re trying  to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For me, it’s not about some fad diet , but it’s about just maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating right and exercising daily. So, the two apps that make my life easier, Nike + Running and Lose It!

I love the Nike+ running app because it simply keeps track of your mileage. I used to have the Nike+ app for iPodTouch and the receiver that you would keep on your shoe. I felt that I was always recalibrating the running pace, and one day, while out on a run, it just stopped working. Finally, I came into the 21st century and got an iPhone5, and also got Nike+Running, which allowed me use a GPS instead of the receiver. I love this app because you can sync it with Nike’s own website or with daily mile. It cheers you on, tracks your runs, and just makes my life easier, so I know what my splits are and how fast I go on each run. Simple, but it makes my life easier.

Lose It! is an app I found out about through an article/review from the good folks at BostInno. Lose it! is an app. that helps you keep track of things you’ve eaten in that day. For me, the more I see it, the more I change the way I eat, and so I have to give big props to Lose It! Lose It! allows you to set a weight goal and how much you would like to lose per week. Based on your age and current weight, it will set up a calorie plan for you. You can add exercises and then it will calculate your calorie intake. Cool specs: You can scan the barcode of any food product and it automatically finds it for you. No more looking through books or inputting the information yourself, unless there is no barcode (sad). They also have a list of restaurants (chains) and grocery stores. It’s pretty awesome and I’ve been using it for about a week now. It’s free and it’s definitely made my life easier and healthier.

So whatever your weight loss or training goals are, these two apps are super helpful and have made my life a little easier.


Track it and lose it.

Life Without Tech? No thanks

by Kristen Abell

As I sat down to think about what to do my post on today, I started mulling over various tech innovations, new features and apps, different ways I was using tech, etc. And then the topic for this post came to me – how would my life (or anybody’s life) be different if I didn’t have tech?

– I wouldn’t be writing this post – duh.

– I wouldn’t have met multiple people that are now extremely important parts of my life.

– I wouldn’t be able to look up information on play places, restaurants, stores, etc. at the touch of a button (or a finger, depending on the device).

– I would have to carry an atlas with me everywhere and stop constantly for local maps or directions.

– If I got in an accident, I would have to locate a phone in order to let my partner know. (Or, like in college, if my car broke down on the side of the highway, I would have to trek to the nearest open office building and call all over kingdom come to find someone, ANYONE who could come pick me up. Turns out the intern that worked in my dad’s office really liked his job and came to my rescue.) Or worse, I wouldn’t be able to use a phone, because they wouldn’t exist without technology. Or a car, for that matter. Dang, that whole scenario went downhill fast.

– I wouldn’t be able to cook my eggs in the microwave – don’t judge me. That was how I learned, and I still make better eggs there than on the stove top.

– I wouldn’t be able to look up ex-boyfriends and make sure the ones I dislike are still a good distance away from me.

– I would have to figure out gluten free foods without the help of Google and the numerous apps available to assist. This one right here might be enough on its own to justify technology.

– I would have to write memos and work reports by hand. And read the handwriting of other people. And we’d probably have to use a pencil, as the technology of pens wouldn’t exist.

– I wouldn’t be able to share my witty sense of humor with the world. Or the five people that read my blog posts/tweets/Facebook updates.

– I wouldn’t think cats were nearly as funny as they are when you combine them with the interwebs.

– I wouldn’t have access to the wide range of music I listen to on a daily basis.

– There wouldn’t be air conditioning. Holy crap. It is 100 degrees outside today, and there wouldn’t be air conditioning.

I’m out, folks. I will take technology any day – in all it’s various forms. Yes, I’m partial to the finer uses (social media, web access, etc.), but give me a good pen and my air conditioning at the very least.

What things would you miss if there were no technology?

Life Without Tech? No thanks