Another Running Metaphor

By Kathryn Magura

I know, I know, my title made you groan. But I got your attention right? Well, before you close your browser, hear me out. I’ve been thinking a lot the last few weeks about why I continue to try running. I don’t like it much, and I’m not particularly good at it. Quite the endorsement, right? Why don’t I quit? Good question.

Last night, a friend of mine sent me the following blog post about why one seasoned blogger thinks more women don’t follow a career as a computer programmer. After reading that post, it occurred to me: running is my new technology. Huh? Still with me?

While I think the aforementioned blogger is misguided in his thoughts on why women aren’t getting into computer programming (as evidenced by this previous post), it got me thinking about why I never thought I’d be good working with technology – which made the discovery that I am actually very good at technology that much more of a pleasant surprise!

I never thought I was good with technology, but I never really gave it a shot until I started working professionally. Why didn’t I think I was good with it? I don’t think anyone ever told me I was bad. And I’d certainly been an early adopter of the internet, and all the fun tools associated with it, but I guess I never equated that to technology skill. I didn’t really know if I had any skills with computers or technology until I started using it and my intuitive senses took over.

On many levels, my thoughts about my running ability parallel my initial thoughts on my skills with technology. I have never been much of a fan of running, partially because I never thought I was any good at it. Granted, I never really tried much, but the few times I HAD run, I wasn’t much of a fan. Sound familiar?

So there it is, I run because I never thought I would be any good at it. Am I good runner? Well, I haven’t quit yet, isn’t that what matters? Besides, I’m not competing with the person on the treadmill next to me, I’m competing with my own inner demons and self-deprecating lies that tell me I’m no good at running. I’ve believed those lies for far too long, just like I did when I didn’t think I was any good with technology. Don’t I owe myself the chance to prove myself wrong?

Another Running Metaphor

Blogger’s Choice: My running technology

by Valerie Heruska

I started running (again) 2 days ago. I used to use my old ITouch2 and a pair of Puma Fass 550s. However, after a delightful visit to a wonderful store called Marathon Sports, located near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, I upped my game with my running.


1. The shoes: Saucony Omni 11 (in lime green). The Omni 11  features some of Saucony’s innovative technology:  Support Frame for overall support and stability in the heel and ProGrid™ technology (previously in heel only) is extended to the entire foot bed for a more seamless feel. In my honest opinion, these are the best pair of running shoes I’ve ever had. I’ve gone through a lot of brands: Nike, Puma, Reebok — but these are pretty darn amazing.

2. The clothes: I wear everything from Underarmour to City Sports. One thing I cannot absolutely live without is Dri-fit technology. I want to hug the person that ever came up with this invention because it’s pretty much the best thing ever. The wicking effect of most Dri-fit items rocks  as it keep me cool and dry in the spring/summer.

3. The tech: I run with my Iphone5 and I use the Nike+ app.  I love the app for a few reasons: 1) It keeps track via GPS and not a chip 2) you can send me cheers if I link it to Twitter/Facebook 3) It will sync with Daily mile/mapmyrun 4) It will have athletes tell me how awesome I’m doing and how I’m kicking butt 5) It will outline my running path and use GPS to map my run.

4. Social Media: Of course! How could I forget. There are support groups on Facebook for anyone who is looking to stay motivated and healthy during their workouts.  There’s the Student Affairs Health Pledge and  Student Affairs Runners. On Twitter, just search the #safit13 or #safit hashtags. There’s even a blog:


I’m always excited to see what they come out with next for running. If you’re running or exercising – what other tech do you love to use while you work out?

Blogger’s Choice: My running technology