Meet the Blogger: Stephanie

By Stephanie Wintling

I still remember to this day the excitement and amusement I felt when my dad brought home our first Windows computer. This illustrious beautiful contraption mesmerized both my brother and me. We would constantly fight about who got to play on the computer and my parents eventually had to limit our time on it.  Throughout my entire childhood, my family was blessed enough to afford the newest gadgets and never let me believe that in any way tech gadgets were grown-up toys or only for males. My favorite tech memory is bringing a Palm Pilot to school in the 8th grade, forget paper–I have a Palm Pilot; my classmates had no idea why I had one or what it even did at the time. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

When I entered college at the University of West Florida, I was convinced I would be a doctor, and then chemistry convinced me otherwise.  There I was at the pivotal moment everyone reaches in college, sometimes multiple times; I have to change my major/my career/my life. I did what made the most sense and changed my major to the subject I had succeeded in: mathematics. Spring of my first year I walked in to Calculus 2, Math Set Theory, and C++ Programming and I was forced with a new reality–I was a minority. In Calculus 2, I was the only female who did not drop the course. Never in my life had I felt so uncomfortable in an academic setting. Academics had defined me for almost all of my life, and here I was uncomfortable in the one environment I had always been comfortable in. Sometimes I wish this story had a different ending, but I switched my major to Psychology by the end of that semester, although, I have to note I did make As and Bs in those classes that spring semester, and I strongly believe I’ll finish my mathematics degree one day.

Thankfully Psychology majors had an abundance of electives, so I stocked my schedule full of the most random technology classes the department would allow me to take. From Intro to the Internet to Microsoft Office, I took whatever I could, and now I am this random grab bag of computer information. I’ve contemplated getting a certification numerous times or taking advanced web design classes but I just started a new job at Texas State University so those ideas are on the back burner for a bit.  As a graduate student at the University of Florida, I created the website for the National Pan-Hellenic Council (not my best work but functional), and quickly became a tech support resource for my cohort. After receiving my M.Ed. in Student Personnel in Higher Education, I accepted a job as a Residence Director at Texas State. I’ve only been here 2.5 months and already I receive e-mails from colleagues for tech support.

Finally, I always read instruction manuals, which provides me with a wide array of random insights to how to use the tricks you never knew you MacBook had to making your life easier in Microsoft Office.

I look forward to posting more and sharing my insights in technology! Since my own personal story carries some heartbreak, I’m very passionate about women in STEM and jumped at the chance to write for this blog. Be sure to leave a comment on anything you would like for to me to post about, especially anything Microsoft Office.

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Meet the Blogger: Stephanie