#HonoringWebFolk with shoutouts and thanks

By Rachel Luna

Inspired by a grassroots effort from author and web expert Molly E. Holzschlag (@mollydotcom), today is “Unsung Leaders of the Web Day” as folks are invited to shout out messages of thanks.

Who are the unsung leaders of the web in your community?

  • Was there a digital ambassador who helped you get on board with web technology?
  • Do you have a great IT support team?
  • How about an awesome content manager?
  • Can you send a virtual high-five to your favorite bloggers?
  • Who is that person in your life you can always go to with web tech questions?
  • Who do you count on to be the innovator and push the envelope of the web?

Check out the #HonoringWebFolk hashtag on Twitter and add your own acknowledgements.  Perhaps you can extend the spirit of this movement beyond social media and take the time to show these folks how much you appreciate them with a hand-written thank you card or even a face-to-face conversation.

#HonoringWebFolk with shoutouts and thanks

10 Females to Follow on YouTube

By Josie Ahlquist

Recently an article from the dailydot.com called How YouTube is Failing Women, reported that only 17 of the top 100 YouTube channels were presented by women.  Currently, the highest-ranking woman on YouTube is Rihanna at #7, followed directly behind her by Jenna Marbles at #8.  But from there few female YouTubers are anywhere to be found in the top subscriber tiers.

Today, I am choosing to feature a number of YouTubers who are women.  Their channels showcase many vantage points including pure entertainment, lifestyle, gaming, how-to’s, sketch comedy, music, education and more.  While a couple of them are very popular, they all create quality content and deserve many more subscribers.

YouTube is a relevant choice for both personal and professional development in the Student Affairs profession.  It’s not just for cat videos or rap battles!  From inspirational speeches, to how-to tutorials, this video platform has something for everyone.  Videos are quickly digestible, sharable, and usually lead viewers to other related content.

There are a number of very successful channels (83 in fact in the top 100) on YouTube that are created/fronted by men.  These channels work extremely hard and I applaud them.  But the fact remains, more of these need to be women.

So, as promised I offer you 10 female fronted YouTube channels to follow.  There are many more I would love to include, but I tried to offer a comprehensive and diverse collection of women who entertain, empower, educate and/or all the above.  In no particular order, I’ve included their YouTube link, as well as their ‘about’ information which is their brief bio written by each YouTuber herself.  I also gave you a sentence or two of my take on their channel so you can get an idea of what they are like.

Happy Subscribing!!  

1.  MaryDoodles

“Just drawing stuff. And Things.”

Mary makes time-lapse art videos of her whimsical watercolor paintings. The videos are set to music and often finished off with a word from Mary herself showcasing her strong, quirky personality. I love watching her videos when I’m just looking to relax and take a break from writing.  She also is a great example of a woman being her authentic self, pursuing what she loves to do.

2.  Michelle Phan 

“Just another old soul dreamer with childlike faith. Teaching and inspiring everyone to become their own best makeup artist 🙂 So sit back, enjoy and let’s play with makeup!”

With over 5 million subscribers, Michelle has proven her relevancy online.  Her approach covers how-to beauty and lifestyle videos, applicable for all ages.  I appreciate her angle of education, using fashion and make-up to teach others to ‘feel fabulous in their own skin.’

3.  Grace Helbig 

“Yes. You’re right.” 

Formally known as Daily Grace, Grace Helbig uploads videos nearly every day.  As her former name suggests, this channel showcases the hilarious daily life, opinions and reflections of the one and only Grace.  Viewers are drawn in masses to her straightforward humor and continual insight into her very own life.  In March she will be starring in a featured film called Camp Takota.

4.  Emily Graslie 

“I’m Emily, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago, former volunteer of the University of Montana Zoological Museum, and I’d like to share some of the amazing things we have in the collection with the Internet!”

Like a professor of YouTube, Emily provides educational related videos mostly about animals.  You will not only be educated by her videos, but also entertained and fall in love with her witty personality.  I appreciate the type of content she produces, serving as a fabulous role model for young girls looking to go into sciences.  While she has only been on YouTube one year, she is gaining subscribers and views at a cheetah-like pace.

5.  Lindsey Stirling

“I love to play the violin, dance, write music, edit videos, play dress up, and perform.  So, I combined it all together and this is what happened.” 

Lindsey is a prime example of how YouTube can help get you discovered.  She began in 2007, choreographing and performing violin performances of cover songs.  It is unlike anything you have seen.  Not only are the videos captivating to watch, but also you will want to purchase her original music to rock out even when afk. (away from the keyboard).

6.  Lizzie Bennet Diaries 

“My year long video diary of my sisters, my best friend Charlotte, and eventually a guy named Darcy.”

Technically Lizzie Bennet is a fictional character on YouTube, just like the web series she stars in, adapted from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice story.  In the form of vlogs, Lizzie and a cast of characters are set to have you entertained. Student Affairs professionals may also find it interesting that Lizzie is a Communication Graduate Student.

7.  Christina Grimmie 

“As you can probably tell I love singing, writing songs, writing music and I play piano and a little drums & guitar!”

Her voice will have you hooked.  Young, extremely talented and sticking to her values, Christina is on her way to world tours and gold albums.  Popularized by cover songs, she is making her own now with solid original music.  She reminds me of the musically talented students I have worked with over the years, providing a positive example of how hard work will pays off over time.

8.  Brittani Louise Taylor 

“My name is Brittani, and I am an actress/artist/super nerd!”

The quirky, hilarious and all out there Brittani Louise Taylor is pure fun.  If you can keep up with her quick humor, you’ll quickly forget about the worries of the day.  I find that she is extremely connected with her subscribers, building a community of engaged fans.  She openly talks about how she was bullied growing up and works to empower her viewers.

9.  Katilette 

“Please keep the video comments clean or I will block you….Thanks” 

Colette Butler, commenly known by her YouTube persona Katilette, is the wife of popular YouTuber Shaycarl.  Their family composed of five children are part of a daily vlogging series called ‘Shaytards’.  While Colette uses another name online, who she is both in person and online are extremely congruent.  She is genuinely caring, authentic and inspiring.  Just like her channel description reads, she challenges viewers to be appropriate and positive community members.  She is a wonderful example for both young girls, as well as moms.

10. Louise Watson

“Aloha! I love beauty, babies (particularly mine) and shopping. Come on in, the water’s fine!”

Get ready for some serious sparkle; Louise calls her subscribers ‘Sprinklerinos’!  Who says lifestyle and beauty vlogs can’t come with a pack of personality?  Even further, Louise delves into deep topics like self-harm, body issues and self-esteem.  I recently sought out this channel after meeting Louise at a YouTube event, she is just as lovely in person as seen online.

Interested in an entire collection of female content on one channel?  Check out these two:

What other female YouTube channels are on your must-subscribe list?  Please include them in the comments below!

10 Females to Follow on YouTube

Highlighting a Woman in Tech and Student Affairs: Debra Sanborn

By Jennifer Keegin

This week I’ve decided to highlight Debra Sanborn, Program Director in the Dean of Students Office at Iowa State University. Debra Sanborn has a Ph.D in Education from Iowa State University and holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication studies from the University of Northern Iowa. Developer of student programming, first-year experience, retention initiatives, admissions and marketing, Debra is also a facilitator of student community collaboration for collegiate success. She directs selection and enrollment of 100 new students to scholarship programs annually and provides first-year to graduation learning, academic advising, and programs blending resources and networking to enhance student success.

Current research is focused on factors of psychological type pertaining to student success which is what I wanted to highlight today. I first met Debra in real life at the very first #NASPAtech in Newport, RI a few years ago. I had been following her online and it was great to meet her for real. She has a great sense of humor and is a fun person.

In April, this tweet started a whole strand of discussion on Twitter:

After many retweets and replies and etc. Debra decided to poll the Student Affairs folks on Twitter about their MTBI identities.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is the most common instrument for determining psychological type preferences utilized in business, personal coaching and higher education. It asks a series of self-report forced-choice questions to define opposing preferences for personal energy, acquiring information, making decisions, and organizing one’s world.

The survey produced the type preferences of 129 student affairs colleagues. More than half of those responding were female. Residence Life was the most common area of employment in student affairs. The most frequent type preferences were ENFJ (n = 21), INFJ (n = 16) and ENTJ (n = 14).

Utilizing social media, Debra was able to find a connecting point for many professionals in the field. If you’d like to read her entire blog post, please check it out here. Make sure to read the comments for more discussion that followed.

If you’d like to follow Debra on Twitter her handle is @DebraSanborn.



Highlighting a Woman in Tech and Student Affairs: Debra Sanborn

Linkage Love – 5 Fun and Useful Tech Links

By Jennifer Keegin

Here’s some interesting, fun and useful tech links for your week!


10 Computer Shortcuts You Can Use for Evil

Small little tricks that you can play on co-workers or others.


Learn to Code

So you don’t know code yet? Learn in your spare time this summer! Just like learning a new language.


Computer Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

This is straight from Reddit and is a crowd sourced page of tips and tricks.


App Directory for All Your Gear

Very cool listing from Life Hacker.


The Creepiest Apps and Sites

‘Cause they are creepy.



Linkage Love – 5 Fun and Useful Tech Links

Linkage Love – 10 Tech Crafts to get Creative With

by Jennifer Keegin

Like most of us, graduation has come and gone recently and now we have some breathing room. Maybe. Just Maybe – you have time for some TECH CRAFTS. Here’s a list of some great craft type items that you may feel compelled to work on this summer.

  1. Make fonts from your own handwriting.
  2. Add Pinterest mouse over buttons to your website’s photos.
  3. Create your own wallpapers for your desktop and laptop. Consider making an organizational wallpaper and share it with our readers.
  4. Wrap your phone charger in cuteness.
  5. Friendship Bracelets meet tangle-free headphones. Or just wrap your cords to make them cooler.
  6. Turn your cell phone photos into tiny Polaroid photo magnets!
  7. Make your own charging cell phone holder out of a shampoo bottle.
  8. If you can sew, make a circle zip earbud pouch keychain. Then make one for me.
  9. Cross-Stitch yourself a phone cover.
  10. There’s even a tech case kit for kids (or adults who like owls) to make.

Till next time – have fun crafting. Share with us any cool tech craft type projects you are working on this summer!

Linkage Love – 10 Tech Crafts to get Creative With

Highlighting a RETRO woman in tech: Grace Hopper.



By Jennifer Keegin

Admiral Hopper, was not only one of the first female programmers, but also the first woman to graduate from Yale with a Ph.D in mathematics AND the first woman to reach the rank of Admiral in the U.S. Navy.

If you follow me at all, you know I dig retro women in tech, so please indulge me today.

In addition to inventing the first computer complier in 1952, Admiral Hopper developed COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language), was credited with popularizing the term “bug” and “debugging” – reportedly when she had to remove a moth from the inside of a computer, was instrumental in the creation of FLOW-MATIC language for the UNIVAC I and UNIVAC II computers and was quoted as saying “It is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”

Highlighting a RETRO woman in tech: Grace Hopper.

The SATech Un-Conference Series

By Kathryn Magura

This past weekend I had the pleasure to participate in the first of the 2013 SATech Un-Conferences hosted on the Oregon State University campus. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to attend one of these un-conferences if you get a chance. Not only are they free professional development, they’re a great way to network with colleagues in your area.

Before I get into the details of my experience, let me take some time to explain what an un-conference is. An un-conference is basically an attendee-driven conference. There are no program proposals to submit months in advance that usually result in stale or out of context presentation sessions. There are rarely keynote speakers, and there is no true prescribed format for the day. People come and determine on sight what they want to discuss. Furthermore, if a side conversation starts, that’s totally fine and even welcome. Basically, creativity and an open mind are all that are required to attend an un-conference.

So where did the SaTech un-conference begin? For that I will link you to Ed Cabellon‘s post on how he started the un-conference program, and how the idea for multiple un-conferences this year began. Side note: Ed is amazing, and I do hope you’re all following him on Twitter. If you aren’t, you are missing out on one of the most genuine and talented Student Affairs professionals out there!

Since Ed was able to convince Ann Marie Klotz to bring one of the SATech un-conferences to Oregon State, I had the pleasure of being part of the planning committee. As our group came together to plan out what would become the first of the SATech un-conferences of 2013, there were a lot of unknowns about what this would look like and who would even come. As it turns out, Ed was very wise to think the Pacific Northwest would be a good venue for an un-conference program. Sure enough, as the day grew closer, we had over 120 participants registered to join our conversations!

As we started our day for the SATechOR un-conference, there was an energy and excitement in the air. Personally, I was eager to connect with professionals who had found ways to utilize technology as a way to enhance services on campus. We began the day introducing ourselves to our 100+ colleagues in attendance and explain why we were all there. I was amazed to hear the variety of reasons listed for why people chose to attend our un-conference. I was also humbled to see how many people from my own Oregon State community decided to participate in this day of collaborative learning.

I encourage you to read through the Twitter backchannel of posts from the #SATechOR un-conference to see the conversations that took place last Saturday. Feel free to add your own thoughts to the conversation, as the learning should continue even after we leave the confines of the un-conference setting.

Before I wrap up this post, I want to send a thank you to Ed Cabellon for seeing his vision for this un-conference format through to fruition across the country this year. It was wonderful to see this un-conference become a reality on our campus, and I look forward to participating in the conversations that happen at the other un-conference locations over the next few months.

P.S. Don’t you think my colleague Jeffrey and I make these un-conference t-shirts look good?




The SATech Un-Conference Series

Linkage Love

by Jennifer Keegin

I came across an interesting site today called starcount.

Here’s what they do:

starcount is…

…the place to discover today’s most popular social entertainment on the biggest charts on earth.

Every day discover who’s topping the charts – the all time most popular, today’s most popular and the ones to watch in music,sport,film,fashion,gaming,TV,social and hundreds more categories.

With the stars latest posts, pictures and videos all in one place starcount is the place to discover and connect with the world’s greatest entertainers.

How do we create the biggest charts on earth?
It’s simple. We count all the activity on public profiles on the biggest social networks around the world, give everyone a starcount score and then create dynamic daily charts.

One of the articles from its home page is the 2012 Social Media Chart Toppers. It will also shows you the Top Ten Viral Hits of the Week. I’m definitely adding this page to my bookmarks. Think it has real potential to track trends.


I love magazines. Always have. Even took a Magazine Article writing class as an undergrad. Clearly not working at a magazine in Manhattan, I still love the glossy pages and yes – love reading magazines like Entertainment Weekly that are interactive on the iPad. So what types of tech mags are there? Here are some lists!

42 Design/Tech Magazines to read

A really well rounded tech list can be found here.

Have a magazine not listed that you read? Let us know in the comments section!


Till next time – have fun browsing!


Linkage Love

Blogger’s Choice : Tech Fails

By Jennifer Keegin

Sitting on my couch last night, getting ready to watch the Golden Globes – I thought I had everything figured out. I was going to watch the awards and then stealthily start watching Downton Abbey at 9pm right in the middle (and at the same time) by using my iPad and the Time Warner Cable app. Thought I was brilliant. I can live tweet two shows at once! Not so much.

Right before Downton came on, I revved up the TWC app and found that they only let you watch the HD channels. No PBS. FAIL. Thought I’d double check my PBS app to make sure you couldn’t actually watch the channel live. FAIL. Nope. No live PBS.

So today, I thought I’d look for any other examples of Tech Fail just to amuse you. Here’s what I found:

  • First off there’s a book and website called When Technology Fails. For when the end of the world comes.
  • This one appealed to me as a College Union & Activities professional:
  • This one makes me say “Really?!?!”
  • Misunderstanding Tech:

and of course, we’ve all had those days when we wish we could kill our computer:

Any recent fails you want to confess?

Blogger’s Choice : Tech Fails

Linkage Love :: Pinterest Tech Boards

by Jennifer Keegin

This week I wanted to focus on what has most likely become something most of us enjoy on a daily basis – pinning things on Pinterest. As I was thinking of “Links” to share, I thought back to all my pins and decided to share some links to tech Pinterest boards you may enjoy.

Some of our bloggers have Pinterest pages. Kristen Abell, Jess Faulk, and I all regularly pin tech related items as I’m sure other of our bloggers do as well.

Did you know Mark Zuckerberg had a Pinterest page? It stinks, but it exists. Windows has a very well developed one. And Sony.

Then there’s CNET – “We’re pinning all the tech that makes your life awesome. Photography to gadgets to DIY touchscreen gloves–we’ve got you covered. Happy pinning!”

And Mashable: “Mashable is the largest independent website dedicated to news, information and resources for the connected generation. We pin the latest technology, social media tips, gadgets for your home and more.”

And TechCrunch: “Breaking Technology News And Opinions From TechCrunch.”

Here are some folks with fun tech boards:

I came across a couple of articles that have lists as well:

So happy pinning, and make sure to comment below with a link your tech board! Let’s get a list going!

Linkage Love :: Pinterest Tech Boards