28 Days of TPE Tips (or My Novice Attempt at Using iMovie)

By Lauren Creamer

T-minus eight days until The Placement Exchange kicks off in Orlando, FL and I am SO EXCITED. While I have never actually been to a placement conference, I have had the privilege of serving as the Northeastern University TPE Ambassador (leading up to last year’s conference in Phoenix). During my stint as NU TPE Ambassador, I badgered countless mid-level and new professionals for personal anecdotes, do’s and don’t’s, and general tips for success. What I ended up with was pages of notes, a story about an interviewee in yellow Crocs, and an idea for a mildly humorous YouTube series.

(Seriously though, someone really wore yellow Crocs to a placement interview).

So, how do you stay organized and calm during the 72 hour onslaught of interviews, socials, and potentially awkward elevator rides? Here’s video one of 28 sometimes-funny, sometimes-awkward YouTube clips detailing how-to be a boss (or at least be super prepared) at TPE. 

That wasn’t enough for you? Check out tip number twelve:

Or perhaps tip nineteen:

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28 Days of TPE Tips (or My Novice Attempt at Using iMovie)

Linkage Love: Women in the Military

By Anitra Cottledge

I’m convinced that some of the best ideas come to me while watching #nerdland. I usually come away from watching the Melissa Harris-Perry (MHP) show with some inkling of a topic I want to know more about, or some tidbit of information that I want to further research.

Today, I came away wanting to learn more about sexual assault and military women. Working in a women’s center, I’m no stranger to advocacy and education regarding sexual assault (although on our campus, an office other than the Women’s Center is charged with doing the primary response, advocacy and education related to sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking).

However, I am amazed (and pleased) at how people use technology to continue to draw attention to this important social justice issue.

This morning on the MHP show, actress Jennifer Beals spoke about a YouTube series (on the Where It Gets Interesting, or WIGS channel) she’s starring in about sexual assault in the military. A brief synopsis of the webseries, entitled “Lauren:”

When a soldier reports an assault, she is forced to choose between what she loves and what’s right.

People can also help support the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) by purchasing a WIGS tote. A note on SWAN and how sometimes the Internets are a playground for connecting random experiences and bits of information (which is one of the things I love about the Internet): I first learned about SWAN through reading Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists (which I plan on using when I teach next semester) written by Courtney E. Martin. One of the activists she profiled in the book is Maricela Guzman, who was part of the creation of SWAN.

As always, I am excited by the potential of technology to help facilitate awareness, action and change — in ourselves, our workplaces, campuses and communities.

Linkage Love: Women in the Military